Netanyahu-Khamenei political tango

President Hassan Rouhani speaks in New York City on stabilising the Middle East, September, 2014. Demotix/ Nancy Siesel. All rights

Beyond powerlessness

Wikileaks billboard. Shutterstock. Ric Frazier. All rights reserved.One of the questions that critical theory must pose concerns our relationship to

Jill Stein Successfully Files For Recount In Wisconsin

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One year after the war: Gaza’s lost hopes

Dave Evans/Demotix. All rights reserved. One year after we went through the third war on the Gaza Strip in six

Here Are The Crime Stats You Need To See Before Claiming Violence Is Up

Since 2008, violent crimes in the United States have decreased dramatically. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, between 2008 and

Rogue states and nuclear dangers

Mixed Messages. Jayel Aheram/Flickr. Some rights reserved.The first prime-time Republican primary debate of 2015 was an eye-opener of sorts when

How To Celebrate “Not My President’s” Day  

If it’s one thing President Trump has done in his short time in office, its change the way millions of

Idomeni, Greece – dead end

Pre-Schengen passport stamp from Idomeni, Greece. Wikimedia Commons. Idomeni is not an official refugee camp; it is a small and

To be, or not to be: Europe under siege

'We stay in Europe' rally in Athens, June, 2015. Demotix/ Chrissa Giannakoudi. All rights reserved.It has been a tough year

How not to counter Modimania

May 2014. Indian children celebrate BJP General Election victory. Demotix/ Abhishek Chinnappa. All rights reserved.It is understandable that some British