Month: March 2019

Iran to Republican Congressmen: Your Summer Vacation Here Is Not Happening

Three United States Congressmen had their dream summer vacation ruined last month when the bottom fell out of their epic

The Top 8 Lines From The Debate So Far

Have we ever seen a debate like this before? Allegations of rape, threats of putting the other nominee in jail

This Might Be The Only Way To Get Kids To Care About Biodiversity 

Tell a group of kids that you want to talk to them about biodiversity and the dangers of food additives,

President Obama Reads Mean Tweets, Including From Trump Himself

President Obama has quite the Twitter following, 11 million to be exact. That puts him in good company with some

Infographic: Charting Kobe Bryant’s Blockbuster Investment Empire

When Kobe Bryant decided to stop playing professional basketball last season, many wondered how the Lakers legend would spend his

Thousands of Texas Women To Receive Free IUDs

The state of Texas has long had a dicey relationship with Planned Parenthood. Legislators there voted to drastically cut public

These Everyday Grocery Items Are About To Get A Lot More Expensive

It doesn’t take an expert economist to notice that everything seems to be getting more expensive. From gas to electricity

Zach Galifianakis Explains Why We’ll Sadly Never See Trump On Between Two Ferns

How great would it be to see Donald Trump appear on an episode of “Between Two Ferns?” Critics of the

Hillary Clinton Throws Chris Christie Under The Bridge With Damning Snapchat Video 

It seems like the line between politics and social media celebrity has completely dissolved now that even Hillary Clinton is

You Really Need To Pay Attention To What’s Happening In Rwanda 

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the dangers of global warming, we’ve remained largely focused on the rising CO2