Month: March 2019

Look Behind You: The View Across The Street From The World’s Most Famous Monuments

If you’ve ever visited a monument or checked out a famous artwork in a museum, you probably lined up with

How Athletes Are Bringing A Country Club Sport To The Masses

“The Wizard” is wearing a bright yellow “Livin’ on a Prairie Dog” t-shirt and cut-off black denim shorts. He has

Tim Kaine, America’s Dad, Plays The Harmonica Like A Boss

Can Tim Kaine Get Any More Adorable? Yes. Yes, he can. The Democratic vice presidential nominee put on quite a

Amid More Drama, Trump Is Now The Official Republican Candidate For President

Despite many, many efforts to derail the train—including a last moment of “Never Trump” desperation on the convention floor—Trump is

The Four-Day Workweek Is A Great Idea, But Bad For Your Health

Studies have found that vacations are great for your health. And now that you’re back from your three-day Labor Day weekend, it’s

100-Year-Old Theater Turned Bookstore Is Every Bibliophile’s Dream Come True

Theatergoers and bookworms, rejoice. One unique bookstore in Argentina has combined every culture lover’s favorite things. Located in Recoleta, Grand

The NFL Is A Confused Helicopter Parent

The National Football League’s military-style austerity has seeped into yet another bizarrely unfitting space. Sunday marked the final week in

Trump’s Online Minions Have A New Strategy: Deny Women The Right To Vote

You know what could really turn this election around for Donald Trump? Legalize sexism. You see, basically every poll shows

One Of New York’s Biggest Restauranteurs Just Enacted An Amazing Parental Leave Program

Debate over gender equality and paid parental leave has gained traction over the last few months in both presidential nominees’

How One Illustrator Humanizes Tinder Trolls With Hilarious Drawings

Illustrator Emmie Tsumura has had her fair share of horrific dating experiences. But instead of complaining about it with her