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CEO Offers Foolproof Resume and Cover Letter Advice

I just interviewed Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella and in more than 15 years of working, I’ve never heard better resume

Confederate Statues Aren’t The Only Monuments At Risk Right Now

As the debate rages on over whether to remove or keep Confederate statues, the Trump administration is stealthily targeting monuments

The fight for Mosul: the danger of arming Sunni opponents to Daesh and the Sunni/Shia power struggle

Smoke rises from Islamic state positions after an airstrike by coalition forces in Mosul, Iraq,Oct. 18, 2016. Uncredited AP/Press Association

My 350 on Donald Trump: in a free land according to my conscience

My wife gave birth to a baby boy the day after the historic US election. I am blessed, in this western

Peace is possible… if we remember 4 lessons

Congo M23 rebels. Jerome Delay/Press Association. All rights reserved. Over the past three decades, the face of fighting has changed

Why most Syrian men are not joining ISIS

Syrian former rebel commander, August 2015. Alexander Zemlianichenko / Press Association. All rights reserved.In discussions around why young Syrian men

The Common-Sense Solution For Resettling Refugees That We All Missed

Picture it: Boy meets girl in an evening class—something semi-creative yet capitalist-friendly, maybe branding or corporate identity. They exchange texts

Hidden Warfare 1. Cyber

Defenceimagery.MOD.wikicommons/Harland Quarrington.Some rights reserved.Hidden warfare, or ‘remote warfare’ as it is often called, is now the driving force behind both

Let's Remind Trump What A Real Witch Hunt Looked Like

Donald Trump isn’t known for being a wordsmith—or even getting most words right. He boldly ignores spell-check when tweeting, and

With the future of liberal democracy hanging in the balance, what next?

President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Nov.