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From ‘migrant’ to ‘refugee’, our language has run dry

Three women arrive on Lesbos. AP Photo/Santi Palacios. All rights reserved.“They took me and another boy, maybe 16-years-old. He thought

Post-conflict perspectives in Colombia

Graffiti shows the presence of guerrillas in the Nasa area. Demotix/Joana Toro. All rights reserved. The discussion on the post-conflict

The US Government Only Has 5 Days To Avoid A Shutdown

On April 29, a mere five days from today, the U.S. government will run out of money, causing a complete government

Sur: urban renewal in the Southeast Anatolian war zone

Police prevent protestors walking to Diyarbakir's Sur using teargas and wter cannon, December 2015. Demotix/ Avni Kantan. All rights reserved.The

The Senate Tried To Shut Down Elizabeth Warren. So She Took To Facebook Live Instead

On the same day Senate Republicans voted to appoint the supremely unqualified Betsy DeVos as Trump’s education secretary—in defiance of

Michael Moore Creates “Trump Resistance Calendar”

Mark your calendars. This is where the resistance begins. Filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore has launched a calendar that

A Female Cyclist Deals With Catcalling Men In Way That Shuts Them Up Quickly

It’s hard enough to be a cyclist on the busy streets of London without the added burden of sexual harassment during

Brexit, racial and religious hate crimes and homo-, bi- and trans*phobia – why they are all linked

Put Sexism, Racism an Homophobia in the trash. Kurt Löwenstein Educational Center International Team from Germany. Wikicommons. Some rights reserved.Last

Photo Of Kellyanne Conway Kneeling In Oval Office Takes On Bizarre Life Of Its Own

Immigration, national security, economic policy and protecting every American’s personal dignity. These are the issues at stake every day in

Many birds, one stone: why did Iran execute 25 Sunni Kurds in August 2016?

The Kurdish Diaspora demonstrate to ask the release of the Kurdish political prisoners in Iran. May 2016. Aurore Belot SIPA