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The next war: ISIS plus expertise

ISIS fighters surrender in west Mosul. Carol Guzy/PA Images. All rights reserved.President Trump has declared that ISIS has been defeated

Pope Francis Hangs A ‘No Whining’ Sign Outside His Office

Pope Francis has earned a lot of love and criticism for taking the Catholic Church in a bold, new, progressive

ISIS, in eleven shades of black

Still image taken from a propaganda video released January 14 2018 showing Taliban fighters in a training camp in Faryab

The Digital Revolution Changed What A Textbook Looks Like. Is That Helping Kids Learn? 

For decades, textbooks were seen as the foundation for instruction in American schools. These discipline-specific tomes were a fundamental part

What the taking of Mosul means

An Iraqi soldier talks with civilians who are waiting to be evacuated in the Old City of Mosul, Iraq, on

Veteran Journalist Arrested for Asking HHS Director Tom Price About Health Care

Veteran journalist Daniel Ralph Heyman, 54, was arrested Tuesday for simply asking Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, a

Cavs Star J.R. Smith Sends Flowers To Mothers With Babies In Intensive Care

Since January, Cleveland Cavaliers star J.R. Smith and his wife have spent a lot of time at the Cleveland Clinic

The 'success' of political Islam in the Kurdish context

Screenshot: The Conquest of Diyarbakir. News Agency (İLKHA).Islamism is one of the most powerful political drivers not only in the

New Service Lets You Send Your Ashes To Republican Lawmakers

Last Thursday, Republican representatives pushed a revised Affordable Health Care Act through Congress. Not only does the bill allow insurance

Why the UK’s hung parliament is an opportunity for constructive Europeans

Demotix/Reynaldo C. Paganelli. All rights reserved.It was short-sighted and self-defeating of Angela Merkel, following the surprise result of the UK