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Flying High: FAQs for Air Travelers

So you’re planning to take an airplane trip. Good for you! Every year, millions of people “take to the skies”


Looking back, it was April I dreaded most. The cruelest month when the gyre could not hold. A season of

Reflections on the European Idea in theory and in practise

April 11, 1998. The people of North Belfast got their first look at the Good Friday Belfast Peace Agreement signed

Lloyd and Mary

Lloyd had been sitting out by the shore all day, and it was nearly sunset before Mary came down to

This writer explains why millennials ‘refuse to grow up’ in viral thread.

Bill Maher, known for his left-wing comedic commentary, made a lot of comic book fans irate over his blog post, “Adulting”

The 6 Best Bike Paths in America

A patchwork of diverse landscape and microclimates, America abounds with breathtaking bike routes for riders of all ages and abilities.

Iran chases strategic depth

An Iranian navy vessel on patrol, 2012. Image: PAThis week, Islamic Republic of Iran navy commissioned the first major submarine

Surface Tension

Dr. Job Ridley stood in his stone-tiled kitchen and stared at brand-new wallpaper towering over him like barbed wire sparking

America’s Best Hidden Parks

“America the Beautiful” is certainly an appropriate description. From the thundering power of the Niagara Falls, the panoramic splendor of

Walmart Salon Refuses To Serve Shaking Woman. Then This Beautiful Stranger Saved The Day.

Angela Peters, 36, has cerebral palsy which causes her hands to shake. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want them to