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The not-so-nice history of the word ‘nice.’

What do we mean when we say someone’s nice? Tempting though it is to dismiss “nice” as bland filler—something to

Peach Pie, a Koi Pond, and an Outdoor Shower

I found my late husband in a book about how to construct an outdoor shower. Oh, there was no photograph

US withdrawal: what next?

Smoke rises after the Syrian army's shelling targeted the Douma district in Eastern Ghouta countryside of Damascus, Syria, on April

Nights in a Tree House

Spending a night in a tree house is one of those irresistible holdovers from childhood; we dream of drowsing off

“The revolution will be feminist, or it will be nothing". Dirty laundry to the streets of Chile

The openMovements series invites leading social scientists to share their research results and perspectives on contemporary social struggles. Signs attached

Brain Tumor Research Receives ​Big Money To Find Better Treatment

In the U.K., brain tumor research is getting a much-needed boost in funding. 18 million will be given to projects that

Flying High: FAQs for Air Travelers

So you’re planning to take an airplane trip. Good for you! Every year, millions of people “take to the skies”


Looking back, it was April I dreaded most. The cruelest month when the gyre could not hold. A season of

Reflections on the European Idea in theory and in practise

April 11, 1998. The people of North Belfast got their first look at the Good Friday Belfast Peace Agreement signed

Lloyd and Mary

Lloyd had been sitting out by the shore all day, and it was nearly sunset before Mary came down to