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Juan Guaido says he would ‘probably accept’ US military intervention in Venezuela

Juan Guaidó has for the first time said he would likely back US military intervention in Venezuela, speaking on the eve of

Fans mourn as internet-famous Grumpy Cat dies aged 7 

Grumpy Cat, the million-dollar pet who became famous on the internet by virtue of her unusually ill-tempered facial expression has died

Ugandan capital to fine citizens who give money to street children

Ugandans who give money or food to street children in the capital Kampala will be fined under measures designed to

Shocking video shows bus driver in Rome deliberately drive into  passenger after argument

The roads of Rome already have a Wild West reputation, what with buses bursting into flames, motorists running red lights

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia finally gets building permit after 137 years

After 137 years, 10 architects, and millions of euros of administrative costs, Barcelona’s modernist masterpiece the Sagrada Família has finally

‘I’ve been portrayed as a psychopathic man-eating whore’  – Amanda Knox  breaks down in tearful first return to Italy

Amanda Knox broke down in tears as she told an audience in Italy that she was portrayed as a “dirty,

France’s top stand-up comics outed for plagiarising US counterparts

The French comedy circuit is in crisis after a mystery online whistleblower shamed some of the country’s best-know stand-ups to admit

Amsterdam museum renames period known as Dutch Golden Age in recognition of colonial wrongs

A museum in the Netherlands has decided to rebrand the period known as the Dutch Golden Age, when artists such

Man Rescues Deer Trapped In Soccer Net: VIDEO

ST. JAMES, NY — A deer got itself entangled in a soccer net and frantically tried to free itself on

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