Jay Lethal Possibly Hoodwinked, Morale Down In TNA

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

On TNA’s mobile service, Jay Lethal said that he personally talked to Randy Savage on the phone and that he gave him his blessings to do the “Macho Man” gimmick. However, considering that several people can imitate Savage’s trademark raspy voice, he’s not so sure that he actually talked to him anymore.

Several undercard TNA wrestlers are upset about the ban of them working for ROH, PWG, UWA (because those companies release commercial DVDs & ROH now puts on PPVs). Unlike the guys on top, the guys on the bottom need to work for these indy feds to help supplement their income because they don’t really make that much money from TNA. The undercard wrestlers only make a few hundred dollars per television appearance. Morale really took a turn for the worst a few months ago when TNA stopped paying for their hotel rooms and ground transportation as well. Furthermore, the company recently cut down on flight expenses, so they are booking flights on cheaper airlines such as Southwest. There is also the frustration that no matter how well they perform, there is very limited upward mobility in TNA and the guys losing the indie dates are the ones who are always stuck in the same position. There are also complaints regarding Bob Backlund because no one understands why they have to make him the focal point of the matches, put him over, and then run away from him because he’s 58 years old.

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