The Reasons Daivari & Armando Estrada Have Been Removed From WWE TV

Source: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

The reason WWE pulled Daivari from his heel speaking role is because the company is becoming more sensitive to accusations that they are exploiting the war in Iraq or terrorist threats in general. Daivari, who is deemed fearless backstage, didn’t care to push the envelope and never asked the writers to tone anything down. However, WWE television network affiliates have voiced their displeasure with the character, promoting its removal.

Speaking of controversial mouthpieces, Armando Estrada has not been seen with Umaga as of late because the McMahons felt that they had one people too many out to ringside with their wrecking crew. Some readers had thought that maybe Estrada was feeling some backstage heat, however, that is not the case and he will return with Umaga once he is finished as Vince McMahon’s henchman.

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