WWE Star Injured, WWE Marketing Off McMahon “Dead” Angle, Hennig’s Son

Source: PWInsider.com

– According to at least one backstage source, Elijah Burke tweaked his back during his match against Chris Benoit this past Tuesday night on ECW on Sci Fi. We do not have an update on how bad the injury was and if it will require any down time.

– WWE is now selling “I Did It” t-shirts, playing off of the Vince McMahon is “dead” angle. The shirts read “I Did It” on the front and “In memory of Mr. McMahon” on the back. The company has made them available for purchase on their Shopzone web site.

– Harley Race announced on his wrestling schools web site that he will be training the late “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig’s son Joe to become a professional wrestler.

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