nWo Wolfpack Reuniting, Masters' On-Again, Off-Again Push, Dusty Rhodes

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— TB61 sent in the following… nWo members Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman will be reuniting in a rare appearance at the huge wrestling convention on August 24th – 25th in Lynbrook, NY. Also scheduled are Amy Dumas and the Luchagors, Christy Hemme, Daffney, Goldy Locks, Ted DiBiase, Christian Cage, Sunny, Jasmine St. Claire, The Funks, Vince Russo, Molly Holly, Ariel, Dawn Marie, Psycho Sid Eudy, Al Snow, The Samoans, Sabu, Luna Vachon and many more big names to be announced. Visit turnbucklepromotions.com for more information.

— As of late, Vince McMahon has been talking about how they need to give Chris Masters a push. The feeling is that McMahon is either oblivious or he doesn’t care as to how a Masters push may look to the public. It’s said Vince is beyond set in his ways in regard to pushing a muscular talent and won’t even attempt to change things.

— Dusty Rhodes has not signed a talent contract, but is expected to do so soon. Rhodes didn’t want to commit to being on television much at his age (61), but he’s in a great position with the company given how he will have three paychecks; as talent, as a writer, and the legends merchandising deal.

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