WWE Releases Developmental Women's Wrestler Shantelle Taylor

source: PWInsider.com

WWE released developmental women’s wrestler Shantelle Taylor, 21, from her contract earlier today.

After getting noticed by WWE through an open tryout in early 2006, Taylor signed a developmental deal with WWE in May of last year. Taylor had been working in the Florida Championship Wrestling territory since the closure of Deep South Wrestling. Taylor appeared on one WWE house show swing earlier in the year when she wrestled Jamie Noble as an ambiguous masked wrestler. Officials gave Taylor another look when she wrestled Jillian Hall in a dark match prior to a Smackdown/ECW taping in June. She beat Jillian in the match. It was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter a few weeks ago that WWE was looking to call up some female talents to the main roster and that Taylor probably had the best shot at getting a call-up.

Unlike the case of former developmental wrestler Tomasso Whitney, WWE hasn’t publicly acknowledged her release on the company website. Taylor’s firing marks as the fourth WWE firing within the past eight days.

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