Latest On WWE Suspensions, Rock Appearing On 'Hannah Montana', Title Change

source: Wrestling Observer

— It looks like its safe to say that Santino Marella is off the possible suspensions list. He went on WWE’s tour of South Africa and wrestled on the shows. The other Signature Pharmacy client to go on the tour was Randy Orton. King Booker, Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, Charlie Haas and William Regal didn’t go on the tour. A day or two before the drug scandal erupted, there was an article talking about Booker renewing his wedding vows with Sharmell sometime during the tour, so well, something definitely happened between him and WWE. Also, John Cena and Triple H were originally scheduled to wrestle Umaga and King Booker at a WWE house show in Ft Wayne, Indiana on 9/23, but that has since been changed to Cena wrestling the winner of a 15 Man Battle Royal. Triple H will be wrestling Carlito in a singles match. Furthermore, Jeff Hardy is scheduled to defend his Intercontinental Championship belt in a match against Shelton Benjamin on that very same house show. This pretty much confirms Haas’ suspension when Shelton is getting a title match all of a sudden.

— The Disney Channel is running a promo for “The Rock Block” on Friday, September 21st featuring episodes of Hannah Montana and Corey In The House, both of which guest star The Rock. They will also have a special sneak peek at The Rock’s new movie The Game Plan. Apparently he dresses up like a woman for his appearance on Hannah Montana. Below is the premise for the Hannah Montana episode:

Don’t Stop Til You Get The Phone
Miley needs extra cash to buy a hot new phone, so she gets Lily to take an embarrassing photo of Hannah to sell to a tabloid, but the shot reveals that Miley is really Hannah. To save her identity, Miley considers trading a humiliating picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for her own.

— WWE has yet to acknowledge the Wednesday night tag team title change with London & Kendrick beating Cade & Murdoch in Cape Town, South Africa, on That’s usually a sign that the belts are going back to the original title holders, most likely on the last day of the tour. Today is the last day of the tour and hopefully we’ll have a report soon.

See a photo of London & Kendrick with the tag team titles (>>)

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