Huge Details On Booker T Debuting In TNA Wrestling, His WWE Departure, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

At this point it certainly appears that Booker T is heading to TNA Wrestling. According to sources within the TNA locker room, Booker began talking with company officials over the summer with initial plans of him debuting in the company alongside Chris Jericho on the first two hour edition of iMPACT. While Jericho had several serious meetings with TNA officials, negotiations eventually broke off, lining up his upcoming return to WWE.

Meanwhile Booker T wanted to leave WWE in July, but decided to give things another shot. After he was drafted to RAW, jobbed to Triple H on his return, and was suspended, he made the decision to leave the company for good. Since his WWE departure Booker has made it clear that he enjoyed the politic-free SmackDown brand and was unhappy with the politics on RAW. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion also said he would have quit on the spot had he been drafted to ECW.

All speculation leads to Booker T being revealed as Sting’s mystery partner at Sunday’s TNA Genesis pay-per-view. While it is very likely this will indeed be the case, TNA could use someone else in the role to keep the fans guessing, much how WWE has done by delaying the return of Chris Jericho.

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