Jericho Talks About Coming Back, Piper Walks Out On Indy Show, Flair Interviewed

— The Winnipeg Free Press has a story on Chris Jericho regarding his comeback, book, Benoit, and more. Regarding the heavily hyped return campaign, Jericho said, “It’s been the worst-kept secret in pro wrestling.” He also added, “So about six months ago I had an idea come to me about coming back.” Jericho isn’t sure how long his return will last but won’t overstay his welcome, saying he wants to ensure both his body and mind remain healthy. He hopes to continue with his outside-of-the-ring ventures in the future. You can read the article at this link.

— Brandon King sent this in: I went to the Indy show in Marion, IN tonight where Roddy Piper was advertised. The show was good for an indy show and you could tell the promoter had a packed house because of Piper being announced. Things didn’t go exactly as planned. Piper comes out with his son Colt and talks about how he is here to help the younger guys and how someone has to do it. He builds himself up to be this great legend when he pulled the ultimate no-no. Piper was interrupted during his promo by a wrestler and was thought to have a match later on in the night. Piper takes it on himself during intermission to take his nights pay and say he is going to the Circle K gas station near by….to never return. The promoter sat there on the ring apron and told us what had happened and all of us were stunned. None of us thought Piper would pull such a stunt. EWF offered us free attendance next Saturday to make up for it. The promoter and the crowd were devastated and the night ended pretty abruptly. Figured I would get this online as Piper is thought to be a classy legend, but clearly this isn’t the case. Anyone near Marion, IN should come out next week and give the show a chance. Great wrestling and fun on a Saturday night, and next week 2 Cold Scorpio won’t no show us!

— Ric Flair in the UK’s Sun newspaper talks about the WWE, Vince McMahon, Ricky Steamboat, the NWA, if he’d ever consider going to TNA, and more. You can read the interview at this link.

Click here to read the transcript of Jericho’s lengthy interview with WWE Magazine (>>)

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