WWE Production Member Releases Anonymous Statement On Michael Hayes

source: www.f4wonline.com

As noted earlier, a person by the name of Matthew Randazzo plans on writing a book on WWE called “Ring of Hell.” It will be released in July by Phoenix Books. The book will chronicle the use of racial slurs on the part of WWE executives in the workplace. One WWE writer told Randazzo: “Brother Love and Michael Hayes would also routinely make racist jokes. I heard them use the ‘n’ word a few times.”

Randazzo also claimed that a WWE production member asked him to release the following statement anonymously:

Michael Hayes 60-day suspension for allegedly making racist comments comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever worked with him. Since Stephanie took over the reigns of Creative, bringing him on-board after Russo and Ferrera left for WCW, Hayes has been a racist boor making n-jokes at every writers’ meeting — until one day that he was shocked and offended that Stephanie hired an African-American Writer’s Assistant in 2003.

Stephanie called this talented young man in for an interview while Hayes was on holiday since she knew that Hayes being on the interview panel would have led to Hayes saying something racist and causing a lawsuit even before the African American candidate for the job was hired (every potential writer is interviewed by every sitting member of the writing teams of all shows in a panel format, prior to meeting with Stephanie). He was eventually hired.

When Hayes found out that an African-American was hired for the job, he thought that he was being ribbed. He said to someone who used to work at the WWE at the time who wishes to remain anonymous: ‘Hired WHAT as a writer? I didn’t know those boys can even write their name. Let’s take bets on how long he will last here.’ Needless to say, the African-American writer lasted less than 4 months at WWE Creative, with Hayes constantly burying him to Stephanie; and he actually made racist jokes in front of the said writer. The writer never made a formal complaint, which boggles the mind, and it allowed Hayes to continue on in his position.

Since the African-American writer, at least two other visible minorities have been hired by Stephanie, and always when Hayes is on vacation. Only one has survived more than 6 months, and that is current writer Dave Kapoor, who is of East-Indian descent. For the record, Hayes has made fun of him constantly whenever Kapoor isn’t around, calling him and The Great Khali ‘Our two resident sand-[n-words].’

Several other people within WWE backed up this and other stories regarding Hayes this past week.

See photo of Michael Hayes out at 5:00 A.M. after this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

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