Mankind Impersonator On Raw?, No Mercy Buyrate, Jillian Hall Cracks iTunes

— After Raw on Monday night, some fans were speculating online that the Mankind that appeared on Raw wasn’t the real Mick Foley and perhaps some impersonator. For one, he didn’t speak in the segment, not to mention that he looked mildly different than how people remember him, perhaps due to the hair. On ECW on Tuesday night, they aired a highlight video from Raw, and they showed a split second clip of Mick Foley with his mask partially off after the broadcast on USA ended. There’s also this video from after Raw of Foley sticking Socko in the mouth of one Santino Marella while his son Huey watches.

— According to WWE’s corporate website, the No Mercy pay-per-view did 265,000 buys. This number is way up from last year, which did 197,000 buys. Although, last year’s No Mercy was a SmackDown-only pay-per-view and this year’s No Mercy featured all three brands. SummerSlam’s updated number is 558,000 buys, which beats the final number for SummerSlam 2006, which was 555,000 buys. The first number for SummerSlam 2007 was 548,000 buys, which beats the first number for SummerSlam 2006 at 529,000 buys.

— Jillian Hall’s debut album, which is available exclusively on iTunes, A Jingle with Jillian, has cracked one of their charts. The album is currently ranked on the UK Holidays Top 100 chart at No. 20.

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