Hogan/Mardi Gras, Rey Mysterio Interview, WWE's WrestleMania Branding

– There is a new article now online by the Associated Press that is looking at Hulk Hogan’s reign as the Bacchus King for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Click here to read it.

– Newsday has a new interview up with SmackDown’s Rey Mysterio in their “Kidsday” section. You can check it out at this link.

– The Houston Chronicle has a new article online looking at the usage of roman numerals in sports. The article highlights tonight’s Super Bowl and WWE going back and forth on using roman numerals for WrestleMania. The paper wrote: “WWE’s Wrestlemania is 23 going on XXIV in its strange back-and-forth branding, and their fans wouldn’t know what a XXIV was if one hit them in the face with a spinning heel kick from the top rope.” The complete article is available at this link.

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