CM Punk Injures Snitsky On Raw, Kingston Injured, Divas Championship, More


— CM Punk accidentally broke Snitsky’s nose during their match last night on Raw when he hit him with the G.T.S. maneuver.

— WWE officials had actually been thinking about creating a Divas Championship for SmackDown for quite a while. The idea came up last year when Torrie Wilson was still around as they wanted to include her in the title picture.

— WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston suffered an injury to his left eye during his match with Charlie Haas last night on Raw. Click here for footage of medics tending to his injury backstage.

Move To The Music by the Nashville-based rock band American Bang is the official theme song for the Great American Bash.

Click here for news on an “Attitude” star possibly returning to WWE (>>)

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