WWE Contract Expiring Soon, Likely To Not Be Renewed; Phil Shatter Update, India

source: Wrestling Observer Newsltter

— Raw wrestler Chuck Palumbo’s WWE contract is set to expire soon. Considering that Palumbo hasn’t been talked about in months and is never used, the feeling is that it won’t be renewed by WWE. Palumbo is already looking at life after WWE as he’s got former Natural Born Thrillers members Jon Hugger (a.k.a. Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli) working on getting him in AAA, as well as Mark Jindrak (Marco Corleone) getting him in CMLL. Hugger is currently in AAA under his “Rellik” gimmick.

— It was reported last week that WWE developmental wrestler Phil Shatter was back working indy dates in the Carolinas and that he may not be employed by WWE. He is still employed, and WWE has given him permission to work indy shows until a spot in Florida Championship Wrestling opens up. They usually don’t do this with signees, although they allowed Ron Killings to continue to work in Mexico after signing his WWE contract at the start of the year.

— WWE has moved up its tour of India, as it’s now considered a prime market by the company. TV is now up to date as well, and Smackdown actually airs in India before North American viewers.

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