Evan Bourne Out 4 Months, WWE Interviews Brutus Beefcake, Nick Nemeth News

— Despite wanting to return to action soon than later, Evan Bourne tells WWE.com that his current ankle injury will keep him out of action for upto 4 months. “There’s nothing I hate more than watching from the sidelines. If I could take off this big cast they stuck me in, I would get in the ring. But it’s a serious injury.”

— In light of the recent news that WWE has served Ed Leslie with a case and disist order to stop him from using the “Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake” name, it’s interesting to note that Leslie is interviewed in the latest issue of WWE Magazine.

— Nick Nemeth has posted a video interview on YouTube.com discussing his amateur wrestling career, his athletic influences, his WWE tryout match against Bobby Lashley and more. He also talks about steroids and other controlled substances, and just how stringent WWE is with their wellness program. Keep in mind, the interview was taped before he began doing the Dolph Ziggler gimmick & before his recent 30-day Wellness suspension.

*SPOILER* for RAW: 2 Former WWE Divas Returning Tonight (She’s BAAAACKKK!!!)

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