Mr. Kennedy Caught In Another Lie, Cena-JBL Contract Signing On Raw, Triple H

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— A statement WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made in his recently documented interview with Congress contradicts a statement SmackDown wrestler Ken Anderson (“Mr. Kennedy”) said regarding his prior steroid use in an interview he did just two months ago.

In the Congress interview, McMahon said he individually asked all the wrestlers suspended due to the August 2007 Signature Pharmacy scandal if they had purchased steroids from the Internet pharmacy in question.

“And some of them–I mean, all of them confessed that they had,” McMahon told Congress. “Some said they didn’t take the drugs, but that is just too bad because it is an infraction of the policy.”

In this November 2008 interview with Live Audio Wrestling, Anderson claimed it was his doctor who purchased the drugs at the Internet pharmacy, not him.

“I just learned to basically shut my mouth about stuff. It seemed as though any time I would turn around and say something, well they would analyze that stuff and say ‘he did this, this, this and this.’ I’d be reading about it at home and be like ‘no, that’s not right,’ Anderson told Live Audio Wrestling. “When they asked me if I took steroids and I said no, I didn’t at the time. The thing is, my doctor was getting the stuff from Signature Pharmacy. I never once went to an Internet website and ordered any of that stuff.”

Between October 2006 and February 2007, according to documents, Anderson had received shipments of anastrozole, somatropin and testosterone.

Anderson throws his doctor under the bus again by calling him a “quack” in an interview he did with Mike Mooneyham of The Post and Courier

“I had a legitimate medical reason to have it,” Anderson told Mooneyham. “How was I supposed to know my doctor’s a quack? I was injured and had a legitimate reason. I tore my lat in 2005. I had surgery, went home and had a staph infection that I almost died from. I lost about 45 pounds in about three days. I had a legitimate medical reason for having it, however my name turned up on that list. Vince and the company’s hands were tied. They had to suspend me.”

Anderson told Live Audio Wrestling he is aware of the pressure some of the newer wrestlers might have to take steroids. Anderson said taking steroids is really not necessary and that they should avoid using them.

— According to, tonight’s edition of Raw will feature a live contract signing with John Cena and John Bradshaw Layfield for their title match at the Royal Rumble next week. The site asks, “Will HBK be present, one week after felling Cena?”

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