WWE Pulls Hall of Fame Bio Prior To Raw, Benoit Erased Again, Meet Danny Fisher

— As announced on Raw, “Cowboy” Bill Watts will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania XXV. It was also announced on Raw that SmackDown announcer Jim Ross would be inducting his longtime friend into the Hall.

Earlier in the day, WWE.com added Watts’ profile to the WWE Hall of Fame section, so the announcement regarding his induction was expected. However, it would appear that it was a mistake on someone’s part to put his bio up prior to the official announcement on Raw as WWE.com pulled it just before the start of the show. The bio has since been placed back on the site, which you can see at the following link.

— WWE.com recently updated their section on WrestleMania XX to remove Chris Benoit from the graphic on the front of the page. The graphic now simply features a zoomed in image of Eddie Guerrero with Benoit cropped out. Although, the original WrestleMania XX graphic featuring Benoit is still online. Click here to see it. WWE.com had failed to update the section since the Benoit double-murder and suicide incident of June 2007.

— John Cena’s latest flick, 12 Rounds, will hit theaters on Friday, March 27. Tonight’s edition of Raw featured a segment on Cena’s character, Detective Danny Fisher. In case you missed it, you can see the video at this link.

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