Will Mae Young Wrestle At WM XXV?, The ECW Pecking Order, "Voices" Update

source: Wrestling Observer Live

— While many former women’s wrestlers have been contacted to participate in the 25-Diva Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXV in Houston, WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young has not (at last word).

Young wasn’t even aware of such a match until a friend of hers called and asked her if she was going to be in it.

It’s been speculated that after her fall during her last wrestling appearance in November (she threw a few forearms, got dizzy, and fell down), officials are now realizing she’s far too old to perform in the ring. Young is 86-years-old for those keeping score.

Nonetheless, Young will likely be brought in during WrestleMania weekend because she always is — she just won’t be competing.

— We don’t have exact sales figures, but WWE’s Voices CD finished at No. 156 last week on the Billboard chart.

— In an interesting note, the roster sheet for last week’s edition of Raw (which has leaked online) featured what looks to be the pecking order for talent in World Wrestling Entertainment. All of the performers in the company were divided by brand, as well as sides (babyface and heel). It would appear that the performers were listed in order of importance/usefulness at the moment, from the company’s view. For instance, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho were listed as the top heel wrestlers on Raw, with seldom-used wrestlers Sim Snuka and Dolph Ziggler listed at the bottom. Wrestlers such as Batista and Mr. Kennedy were listed below the likes of Charlie Haas and Curt Hawkins on the list, but they’re inactive, so they’re not really below them on the WWE pecking order. Due to their inactivity, Batista and Kennedy are of no use to WWE for the week’s set of TV tapings, which explains why they’re listed at the bottom. Technically, Haas and Curt Hawkins would be of greater use to WWE for the week’s tapings than Batista and Kennedy because they’re both active, unlike them.

According to the roster sheet, here is the pecking order for the ECW roster (as of Thursday, February 26, 2009):

Babyface ECW Superstars: Christian, Finlay (w/Hornswoggle), Tommy Dreamer, Boogeyman, Ricky Ortiz, DJ Gabriel, Evan Bourne (injured)

Heel ECW Superstars: Jack Swagger, John Morrison, The Miz, Mark Henry (w/Tony Atlas), Tyson Kidd, Paul Burchill

See photo of a bald Sabu! (>>)

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