TNA Star Working Without Contract?, Angle Rejected, TNA Releases iPhone Game

— As reported earlier, two TNA performers in Madison Rayne and Daffney (“The Governor”) worked television tapings for wrestling promotion start-up Wrestlicious this past summer. Footage of the two current Knockouts will still air when the program makes its eventual debut as the footage was shot before either Knockout joined TNA.

Though he doesn’t specify who, Wrestlicious representative Johnny Cafarella said in an interview regarding the all-women’s wrestling promotion that one of them is actually not under contract to TNA. It would appear that the few-week-old online report of Daffney signing a contract with TNA was incorrect as Madison Rayne is definitely under contract to TNA. In fact, she said so herself in a recent interview with

In Wrestlicious, familiar faces such as Daizee Haze have new ring names (in her case, Marley Sebastian). Cafarella said the promotion wants to own their characters and keep them unique to the show. With the exception of Lacey Von Erich, Leyla Milani and Jimmy Hart, nearly every character in Wrestlicious has a ring name exclusive to the show.

On how the idea of Wrestlicious came about, Cafarella said: “We knew there was a market for a fun, sexy, campy wrestling show, especially in this economy, where people can just relax and enjoy. Jimmy Hart and I combined my GLOW experience and his 29 years in the wrestling business, and came up with what we feel is a great concept.”

To read the interview in its entirety, click here.

— During last Wednesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers, 56, said that she and Kurt Angle had exchanged text messages. Quivers said he asked her out to dinner, but declined the invitation.

During his appearance on the show the morning before, Angle said he had “feelings” for Quivers, so much so that he wrote her a poem. Angle recited the poem and then asked Quivers out on a date — which she accepted. Angle said he was surprised by her answer as he figured she would turn him down.

— TNA has teamed up with Longtail Studios to release a new TNA iPhone game, which is now available at the iTunes store. For details and screenshots of the game, click here.

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