Actor Bob Saget Casting Backyard Wrestlers For New Reality Series

Actor Bob Saget (“Full House”, “America’s Funniest Home Videos”) is searching for backyard wrestlers in Southern California for a new reality series he’s making for the A&E cable network. Production company Tijuana Entertainment sent out the following description of what they’re looking for:

Tijuana Entertainment in California currently looking for high impact, high flying and hard hitting, but crazily creative backyard wrestlers over the age of 18 and located in Southern California with their own backyard ring, costumes and techniques for a brand new TV show for A&E!

The show is an hour long, non-scripted, documentary/reality show following our host, Bob Saget (formerly of Americas Funniest Home Videos and the sitcom Full House), as he explores American society off the beaten path. The series will follow Bob as he explores the unique cultures, lifestyles, practices, and people of America.

The show will aim to be both fun and informative, while remaining objective and without mockery. It will immerse the audience into new worlds, to understand them from an intelligent level of common human interest.

Contact Anna Zukowski at if you’re interested.

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