Knockouts Concerned With Changes, Jarrett Pulls Out Due To "Personal Situation"

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

— There is much concern among the women of TNA since Dutch Mantel and Savio Vega — who were let go last week — were usually the agents for their matches. Furthermore, Mantel was heavily involved in the women’s segments. However, the feeling is that as long as the women consistently draw the best ratings on Impact (which is why their segments are often placed at the top of the second hour), there will be time allotted to them.

— Jeff Jarrett was originally scheduled to appear at this weekend’s NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte as a vendor guest, but a sign was posted to announce he had pulled out on Wednesday due to a “personal situation.”

— In this week’s TNA webmatch, Dr. Stevie (with Daffney) squares off against Cody Deaner (with ODB). Click here to view the match.

TNA interested in bringing in a *FORMER WWE DIVA* (>>)

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