WWE Ice Cream Bar Line Discontinued, The Bella Twins Like "Paper Towns", Maria

— I have been informed that Good Humor recently discontinued its WWE Ice Cream bar line due to financial reasons. The bar could be described as a “Milk chocolate flavored coating, artificially flavored vanilla frozen dessert with a vanilla cookie with a WWE wrestler image.”

WWE Ice Cream bars were difficult to locate at stores, but one could purchase a case of the tasty treat through various online ice cream vendors. Some ice cream trucks would also carry them in stock.

While the product achieved its greatest notoriety in the 1980s, they continued to be produced in limited quantities throughout the 90s and new millennium.

— As part of WWE’s “WrestleMania Reading Challenge,” the company had Kofi Kingston, John Morrison and The Bella Twins announce YALSA’s Teens’ Top Ten. On the WWE website, The Bellas are pictured holding the book Paper Towns, which was the top choice. The author of the book has posted a video message on YouTube thanking fans (and the Bella Twins) for helping make Paper Towns the top choice. Also, The Bellas are pictured on the front page of YouTube holding the book.

— Maria is today’s “Daily Diva” on WWE.com whereas William Regal is the “Superstar of the Day.”

See photo of Maria *SMOKING* (>>)

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