WWE Vintage Collection Report (08/29/10)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: August 29th 2010
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Welcome aboard. With the Night of Champions PPV looming, this week’s show is the start of a month long “champions” theme. Our first theme is the best of WCW Clash of the Champions. Let’s begin.

WCW Clash of the Champions XXXV – August 21st 1997
WCW Cruiserweight Title: Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero
Eddie schools Jericho to the mat and trash talks. Jericho comes back with armdrags and a dropkick. Eddie cries to the referee about Jericho pulling his hair. Jericho tackles, presses Eddie to the mat and gives him a faceplant. Eddie goes crawling back to the referee, then takes a break on the floor to get insulted by fans. Jericho goads Eddie by saying into the camera “come on, you can do better than that.” A sneak attack gives Eddie the advantage. Eddie connects with a back elbow, slingshot splash and top rope hurracanrana. Jericho catches Eddie walking the top rope and powerbombs him. Jericho delivers a giant swing, making both men dizzy. A messy spin kick puts Eddie on the floor. Jericho trips on the top rope attempting a springboard cross body. Whoops! Eddie covers for the mistake by laughing like it was planned. Jericho reverses a suplex to the floor and slips off the apron again. Eddie catches Jericho going high risk and delivers a superplex. Eddie slips out of a powerbomb attempt so Jericho hits a release german suplex. Eddie turns a rollup into a sunset flip and the two roll around the ring trading pinfall reversals until Jericho manages to get the pin. In truth, Eddie pinned himself as Jericho was having an off night. After the bell, Eddie dropkicks Jericho, gives him a brainbuster, lays the title across his chest and lands a frog splash. Eddie yells that Jericho got lucky and “that’s what happens when you get lucky.” A surprisingly clumsy match, but Eddie was great as a devious heel. Winner: CHRIS JERICHO.

We’re now treated to the introduction of the Honky Tonk Man in WCW. Somewhere deep in Hicksville, a typical wrasslin’ fan with a purple WCW hat goes to collect his mail. Honky pulls up in a pink Cadillac asking for directions to the WCW wrestling matches. After the fan gives directions and says he’s going down there himself tonight, Honky says “thank you very much” in an Elvis-esque way then drives off. With stars in his eyes, the fan asks if that was who he thought it was. Think of Scott Hall poking fun at the hick term “Dubbaya-See-Dubbaya Uh-Huh” on his WCW debut in 1996 and you’re right on the money here.

This leads into a Honky music video. Girls dressed in Peggy Sue 1950s attire sing along as a backdrop to Honky thrashing his guitar about in highly colourful backgrounds. It’s literally the same song as WWF theme “Cool, Cocky, Bad,” but to avoid a lawsuit Honky has changed the main lyrics to “you’re just a Honky Tonk baby” and “you ain’t gonna walk on me.” This was Wrestlecrap at its finest, but oddly quite funny at the same time. Honky’s so over the top in his gimmick that I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

WCW Clash of the Champions XXIX – November 16th 1994
WCW World Television Title: Johnny B. Badd vs The Honky Tonk Man
This match is a rematch from Halloween Havoc, held the previous month and is joined in progress. Badd’s gimmick is more of a boxer than a Little Richard tribute now. Honky has “greatest of all time” on the back of his attire. Badd ruffles Honky’s hair to send him reeling. Honky does his best Jerry Lawler impression by pulling down a strap from his singlet. Honky takes over after a sucker punch. Honky slams Badd, then steals another move from Lawler’s playbook, with a fistdrop from the second rope. Badd escapes a phoney looking chinlock and backdrops out of the Shake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll. Badd delivers head rams in the corner, an inverted atomic drop, mounted punches and a kneelift. Honky sends Badd into the referee then blasts him with his guitar to cause the DQ. Honky hits Badd some more with the guitar after the bell, leading commentator Bobby Heenan to state “Badd has more hits than the Beatles.” Classic Heenan anecdote there. Badd keeps his title, but sadly, Honky would play no more tunes in WCW as Eric Bischoff fired him over a monetary dispute and Arn Anderson would take Honky’s place in the TV Title chase at the following month’s Starrcade PPV. Winner by DQ: JOHNNY B. BADD.

WCW Clash of the Champions XXX – January 25th 1995
WCW Tag Team Titles: Harlem Heat w/Sister Sherri vs Stars & Stripes
Harlem Heat had just defeated Stars and Stripes (Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot) for the belts 11 days prior on an episode of WCW Saturday Night. Despite not being shown on camera, Ric Flair and Vader are ringside during the match. We pick this up with Patriot giving Booker T a belly-to-belly suplex. Stevie Ray holds Booker to thwart a Bagwell monkey flip. Booker quickly socks Bagwell with a jumping kick. Ray works over Bagwell with kicks and a clothesline, while Booker uses a flying forearm and chinlock. Bagwell and Booker wipe each other out with a double cross body. Sherri gets on the apron and the referee doesn’t see Patriot tag. Patriot doesn’t care and takes the fight to Harlem Heat. All four are in as the match breaks down. Sherri aims her shoe at Bagwell, but Booker inadvertently takes the hit. Bagwell rolls Booker up, Ray sends Patriot out, kicks Bagwell in the head and Booker reverses the rollup to steal the pin. Winners: HARLEM HEAT.

WCW Clash of the Champions XXIII – June 17th 1993
NWA World Heavyweight Title: Barry Windham vs Too Cold Scorpio
After defeating The Great Muta for the title four months prior, Windham had broken away from the returning Four Horsemen and is going it alone. Scorpio was back from the month-long Super Junior tournament in Japan. Windham overpowers Scorpio to start, sending him to the corner and landing a flying forearm. Scorpio floats over a second charge and takes Windham down. Windham foils a half crab attempt by hooking the ropes. Windham takes a breather on the floor. Back inside, both duck punches, Windham makes a fist, Scorpio flinches, so Windham socks him with a knee to the head. The crowd pop big for this. Windham dominates with a top rope clothesline, slam, kneedrop and hourglass suplex. Windham telegraphs a dropkick by hanging on to the ropes. A DDT doesn’t put Scorpio away and Windham blows a gasket. As Windham shakes with anger, Scorpio nearly wins it with a rollup. Windham quickly recovers to deliver a gutwrench suplex, but argues with the referee, giving Scorpio the opportunity to land a dropkick. Windham regains the advantage with a flying tackle and hotshot across the top rope.

After a commercial break, Windham paintbrushes the face, prompting Scorpio to fire back and score with a suplex. Windham clotheslines, before Scorpio reverses a back suplex. Windham sets Scorpio on the ropes, but Scorpio blocks a superplex by throwing Windham off and hitting the sideways cross body (changing direction in mid-flight). A hurracanrana and superkick wobbles Windham off the ropes as he gets caught in another rollup for two. A slam and slingshot somersault splash gets Scorpio another two and the crowd are in a frenzy anticipating a title switch. Scorpio connects with a missile dropkick. Windham sends Scorpio out of the ring. Scorpio quickly springs back in, but gets caught mid-flight with a punch to the face. An implant DDT gives Windham the win to end a super match. This was the perfect example of making the challenger look like a real threat and title contender. Winner: BARRY WINDHAM.

WCW Clash of the Champions XX – September 2nd 1992
Eight Man Elimination Match
Sting, The Steiner Brothers & Nikita Koloff vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Big Van Vader, Super Invader & Ravishing Rick Rude w/Madusa
This match was held during the Bill Watts era when several new measures were brought into play. One of the most unpopular amongst many fans and wrestlers was a ban on moves from the top rope, for reasons unknown to many. While hindering many of the Cruiserweight matches, let’s see if it comes into play here. Super Invader was former WWF star Hercules who was sporting a red stocking mask on his head and being billed from Bangkok. He certainly looked a cock in this getup, which was completed with a red and black singlet and trousers. Sting had an issue with Jake, while Koloff and Rude were feuding. We join the action with Scott Steiner giving Super Invader a belly-to- belly suplex. Rude saves Invader from the Frankensteiner by blind tagging and hammering Scott. Rude gives Scott a swinging neckbreaker, Jake jabs away, and Vader mauls him in the corner. In an unplanned funny moment, Scott knocks an unaware Jake off the apron as he runs the ropes into a Vader clothesline. Rude gyrates before getting caught with a spinning side slam. Koloff gets the hot tag, whipping Jake around the ring, landing a flying tackle and constantly going after everyone else on the apron. As Koloff goes for the Russian sickle clothesline, Rude knees him in the back, making Koloff easy pickings for a Jake rollup. 1-2-3. Hit the showers Nikita. Sting unloads on Super Invader with a backbodydrop, slam and elbow drop, before putting him away with a running bulldog. Rick Steiner and Vader are next to go at it. Rick gives Vader a Steinerline clothesline and release german suplex. Vader comes back with a powerslam (as Rick comes off the second rope) and chokeslam. Vader splashes Rick from the second rope, but Rick kicks out at two. I wasn’t expecting that.

After our final commercial break, The Steiners botch a doomsday device on Vader. Despite Rick not being able to fully lift Vader on his shoulders, Scott comes off the top rope anyway with a clothesline and is promptly disqualified. Damn Bill Watts! Rick and Vader take a spill to the floor. With the referee tied up with Jake and Sting, Rude gives Rick the Rude Awakening and Rick is counted out as Vader manages to beat the count back in. Sting is all alone. Vader counters Sting’s sunset flip, but Sting is able to stop the Mastodon from sitting on him. Sting repeatedly buries Jake’s head into the mat, before landing a Stinger splash in the corner. Rude rescues Jake from the Scorpion Deathlock by clotheslining Sting, as Madusa distracts the referee. Sting attacks all three opponents and gets a nearfall on Rude after a running bulldog. Jake puts on his snake glove to get the referee’s attention. As Sting gives Rude a slingshot suplex, Vader comes off the top rope with a splash on both men. Despite not seeing air Vader, the referee DQ’s him anyway. As Vader is cleared from the ring, Jake pulls Rude into a tag, gives Sting a DDT and wins the match. This match was good in parts, but was mainly used to get Watts’s silly top rope rule over, which led to some real copout eliminations. That being said, I liked the smarts of Jake for taking advantage of the end and being in the right place at the right time. It’s a shame he left WCW not long after this to leave the Sting feud unfinished. Despite Jake being a dastardly heel, some fans were still chanting for the DDT at the end. Survivors: JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS & RAVISHING RICK RUDE.

Our month of champions continues next week. Shaun.

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