Jeremy Borash Talks About TNA Roster Cuts, iMPACT! Moving Back To Thursdays

TNA announcer Jeremy Borash was a guest on the “Right After Wrestling” radio show last night and spoke in-depth about TNA iMPACT! leaving Monday nights, TNA releasing talent soon and more.

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Regarding to TNA iMPACT! moving back to Thursday nights, Borash said, “I think it’s definitely a different era. It would have been nice to re-capture the competitive spirit of being on Monday nights, but at the end of the day, it was just more of an inconvenience. Perhaps being back on Thursday nights, we can prosper and thrive. At the same time, I would have liked to have stuck it out a little bit longer on Mondays, especially at a point where there were very exciting programs that we did produce.” He added, “There are a lot of things about the Monday Night Wars that we could have taken part in and really brought some popularity to the idea of it again.”

Borash was also asked about the online reports that TNA will be letting go 15-20 superstars in coming weeks in order to save money.

“I don’t know if you look at it as roster cuts. You don’t say anything or we don’t hear anything about when we spend more money to hire people. When you say ‘roster cuts,’ it obviously invokes an ‘oooh’ kind of feeling to it,” Borash said. “At the same time, we have 60-something people under contract, so I think it’s a natural evolution of business. Sometimes you do have to trim the fat. The programs are being written differently where less people are being featured more prominently.”

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