Linda McMahon Reacts To Opponents Using Wrestling Against Her Campaign

Linda McMahon is the Republican nominee for the vacant United States Senate seat in Connecticut. Following her big win on Tuesday night to secure that nomination, Linda McMahon spoke to about whether her Democratic opponent will use her wrestling past against her.

“As my opponents talked more and more about the WWE and issues that may have been relative to programming content …instead of focusing on the issues, I talked about tissues and continued to gain momentum,” McMahon told CNN Wednesday morning.

“If my opponents want to talk about soap opera content instead of focusing on issues, I will win again in November,” she added.

Democrats have already drawn attention to WWE’s controversial programming and the countless wrestler deaths in recent years. Linda says it’s more important to focus on what WWE is doing today to protect its workers.

“The men and women that perform at WWE really are the primary assets of the WWE. And we want to protect them at all costs,” she said. “Doctors that travel with them…trainers that travel with them. We have a very comprehensive drug testing program. Let’s look at where WWE is today.”

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