Shane Douglas Worried For Jeff Hardy, Says Ric Flair Is Tarnishing His Legacy

On episode #11 of the WNS Podcast for, Danny Ray, Jordan Landry and Tyler Abear interview former WWE, WCW and ECW Star “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. He opens the interview promoting his upcoming appearance for the TV Taping of The Death Match Tournament which he will be hosting LIVE Sat. April 2nd at NJN Studios 25 South Stockton Street – Trenton, NJ 08608! Here are some interview highlights:

On Ric Flair tarnishing his legacy:

During the interview Douglas revealed that he would have liked to have wrestled The Anderson’s, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Ric Flair in their prime. He notes he always had something personal to prove with Flair and he never thought he was on the same level as him because he was truly iconic for his time but he said “as a man I am ten times the man he has ever been” when asked for his thoughts on Ric Flair tarnishing he legacy in TNA at the moment Douglas said “I think Ric Flair has been tarnishing his legacy since 1990” he added “he has done more to tarnish his career then anything I could have said or did, then anybody could have said or did.”

On Vince McMahon being accountable:

Following on from discussions of Flair being still in the ring at his age Douglas notes that the wrestling business is unkind to older performers unlike football, baseball and basketball that have unions and player associations. He said “Vince McMahon should get pressed a little more about this question as opposed to whatever his daughter, son or wife is running for, he needs to be held accountable for the industry he has monopolized and controlled for over twenty years”

On Jeff Hardy’s current situation:

When asked for his opinion on the current Jeff Hardy situation in TNA, Douglas said: “It is not for me to say publicly about his personal life but I will say this I am worried about him, I have seen far too many names walk the path he is walking and end up at the end of an obituary as opposed to the top of the pile” He adds that he is saddened that TNA Wrestling has not done anything about the situation and if they do not do it then nobody will and it will just lead to Hardy going down the wrong path “Objectionable at best, disgusting at worst that an entity like TNA would allow what appears to be by all accounts a train wreck and utilise it just because they can make some money of it, that to me is the real travesty and that to me is the real question people should be asking – Why aren’t the powers at TNA holding him accountable?” He adds their might be something going on behind the scenes but he has yet to see any sign of it.

Douglas also pays tribute to Sir Oliver Humperdink, talks about his upcoming book, his relationship with the late Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow, life after wrestling and MORE!

To listen to the full Shane Douglas interview click here.

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