Triple H vs. Undertaker Signed For WrestleMania, HBK Comments

WWE’s website has officially announced that The Undertaker will put his streak on the line at WrestleMania 27 against Triple H.

At this time, there is no stipulation mentioned, just that the match will take place.

We’ve reported in recent weeks that there’s been talk of Triple H putting his career on the line against the Undertaker’s streak.

Addtionally, there’s been talk that former WWE star Shawn Michaels will be added to the match as a guest referee or enforcer. Michaels was interviewed last week by and had this to say about the rumors that he’ll be part of the Undertaker vs. Triple H match:

“I’ve heard all the rumors. As of right now, I’m doing one thing and one thing only at WrestleMania, and that’s the Hall of Fame. I don’t think The Undertaker and Triple H need Shawn Michaels to deliver a spectacular match or make this incredibly interesting. Those two can do that on their own. Right now, as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to be there watching it like everyone else.”

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