Edge Gives "Final Interview" – Talks Future Plans, Online Impersonators, Zack Ryder

The latest issue of WWE Magazine features Edge’s “Final Interview” with the publication, after he announced his retirement last month. He discusses his most difficult days in the squared circle, the new generation of WWE, online impersonators, the legacy of the Spear and more.

Despite retiring, the “Rated-R Superstar” isn’t completely removing himself from the wrestling industry as he states in the interview that he plans to assist WWE’s next generation of stars.

An excerpt from the interview is as follows:

You are the only Superstar to win the King of the Ring tournament, the Royal Rumble, and a Money in the Bank Ladder Match. You’ve also main-evented ‘Mania. Now that you’ve retired from the ring, is there anything you feel you didn’t accomplish?

I wish the European Championship were still around. That way, I could have thrown the title on the résumé, too. I am a collector. But now, more than anything for me, it’s about trying to help the next generation, kind of in the same way the last generation helped. I’ll give advice to anyone: Sheamus, John Morrison, Drew McIntyre or Dolph Ziggler.

You’re taking an interest in WWE’s younger talent, but you’ve failed to mention your one-time protégé, Zack Ryder. Have you seen his Web series, “Z! True Long Island Story”?

No, I have not. As I’ve fully admitted in the past, I’m not an Internet guy. I would like to take this time now to say that I don’t have a Facebook page. My mom is very bothered by the world of Facebook and people claiming to be me online. I don’t get too worked up about it, but it really gets Christian hot on Twitter. He calls out people who say they’re Edge. But back to Zack–I think he’s a very underutilized Superstar on the roster, and I feel the same about Curt Hawkins, too. I’d like to showcase what they can do and remind everyone who may have forgotten about them.

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