Michelle McCool Interested In Joining "Tough Enough", Names WWE Highlights

Michelle McCool participated in a questionnaire with MichelleMcCool.net. She reveals whether she had any moments inside the ring that made her consider quitting, the most valuable lesson she learned on the road, how she would wind down after a match, and more.

When asked to to name her six highlights inside and out of the ring, she wrote:

“Oh goodness! 1.) First-ever Divas Champion. 2.) Becoming first to hold both the Women’s and Divas Championship. 3.) First unified Women’s Champion. 4.) 1/2 of first-ever Women’s Co-Champions. 5.) The formation of the ‘Flawless’ duo, “LayCool” 6.) And being in the first women’s TLC match!!! – Out of the ring, we are so fortunate to do so many things. Not just TV shows here and there (which have all been great), but life changing things (all the work with our troops, Make-A-Wish, school outreach, etc…) Blesses beyond words!”

The multi-time champion also indicated that she would like to train prospective WWE talent on Tough Enough.

“I really wish I were! Can y’all like, start a request or something? 😉

“Training under Bill DeMott for so many years, I’d like to think that he’d say I hung in there with the guys! I do think that most things can’t be taught, though. It’s hard to teach drive, it’s hard to teach respect (especially when it seems very common sense), it’s hard to teach the “never die” attitude, and it’s hard to teach passion. Even when you have these, it’s gonna be a long, hard road. However, I do know that I can teach them that if they want something bad enough, that they will have to fight for it day in and day out – no exceptions! I can also teach them that people are going to try to bring you down when they’re looking at you on top. Also, I could teach them that this is a business. A business where it’d be a lot more beneficial for so many (not to mention fun), to truly work together, and to try to create magic no matter what hand you’re dealt!”

The interview is available here.

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