New Additions To SmackDown Roster, Steve Austin Comments On Tough Enough 2

— On Twitter, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin commented on the possibility of a second season of Tough Enough.

He wrote, “I have had many questions regarding a season 2 of Tough Enough…no word yet. Very interesting…”

The WWE Hall of Famer also stated last Monday during an interview with AfterBuzz TV that he does not know whether there will be a second season.

— has added newcomers Jinder Mahal and Johnny Curtis to the SmackDown roster page.

Mahal beat Yoshi Tatsu in his SmackDown debut last night with a full nelson, suplex slam. He then instructed The Great Khali to manhandle Tatsu with the Khali Vise Grip.

Curtis appeared in peculiar backstage segment on SmackDown. After being declared the winner of WWE NXT season four, Curtis was promised a WWE Tag Team Championship Match with his Pro, R-Truth.

“But that’s not gonna happen,” Curtis chuckled. “And that’s the truth.” He then proceeded to do what any other WWE Superstar would do; cry over spilled milk.

*VIDEO* – Johnny Curtis cries over spilled milk ->

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