WWE Money In The Bank Results – July 17, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank Results
Sunday, July 17, 2011
From Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois
Results by: Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Dark Match:

* Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov beat WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty when Santino pinned Otunga in a non-title dark match.

The standard WWE opening video airs first followed by a promotional package highlighting the CM Punk contract angle. We see clips from Punk’s work on WWE Raw, including a lot of his stellar promo work. The pyros hit and we’re live from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Michael Cole gives us the formal welcome. Booker T and Jerry Lawler join him at ringside to call the action.

Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
– Justin Gabriel vs. Sheamus vs. Heath Slater vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Kane vs. Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

They’re opening with the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match. Sin Cara is out first as ladders are down the ramp. Wade Barrett comes out followed by Justin Gabriel. Sheamus and Cody Rhodes follow Gabriel. Here comes the ‘one man rock band’ Heath Slater followed by Daniel Bryan. Kane concludes the participants and gets the biggest reaction.

They’re opening with the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match. Sin Cara is out first as ladders are down the ramp. Wade Barrett comes out followed by Justin Gabriel. Sheamus and Cody Rhodes follow Gabriel. Here comes the ‘one man rock band’ Heath Slater followed by Daniel Bryan. Kane concludes the participants and gets the biggest reaction.

The start:

The bell rings and we’re underway. It’s an all-out war inside with Wade Barrett on Rhodes, Kane focusing on Justin Gabriel by throwing him out of the ring. It’s Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Kane. Sheamus and Barrett attack Kane. They send him off the ropes but he counters with a double clothesline. He throws them both to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Daniel Bryan gets a ladder and uses it on Kane. Now Gabriel and Slater are working on the outside, taking out others. Sin Cara gets in but gets involved with Slater and Gabriel. Slater pushes Gabriel out of the way and goes up a ladder. Daniel Bryan goes off the ropes and connects with a missile dropkick. Rhodes comes out of nowhere and starts climbing, Sheamus makes the save. Sheamus is working with Cody Rhodes in the ring with a ladder. Kane is back in and goes after Sheamus. He lines Rhodes up too and throws them both out of the ring by grabbing their respective throats. Wade Barrett gets in and attacks Kane. Kane throws Barrett off a ladder in the corner. Heath Slater gets in and goes to work on Kane. Kane counters quickly and goes to the top rope. Sin Cara kicks him off. Gabriel gets in and knocks him to the outside. Daniel Bryan gets in and starts working with Gabriel. He ends up flying to the outside with an awesome suicide dive on Barrett. Gabriel and Slater both work outside maneuvers. Cara gets back in the ring and flips over the ropes onto Sheamus.

Cara works in the ring with Gabriel and now it’s Daniel Bryan doing battle with him on the top rope. Cara counters with an awesome maneuver, taking Daniel down. The crowd absolutely erupts from Sin Cara.There is no ladder in the ring so Cara goes outside for one. It’s an 18 or 20 foot ladder as Wade Barrett takes him out on the outside. The Spanish announce table has the top removed by Barrett. He sets a ladder up on it and on the ring, serving as some sort of bridge. He picks Sin Cara up but he counters out. Cara uses his quickness to attack Barrett’s bicep. Cara gets in the ring and eats the Brogue Kick by Sheamus. Sheamus is on the apron as he powerbombs Sin Cara off the ladder setup as a bridge between the ring apron and the Spanish announce table. The ladder folds as the crowd pops. Referees check on Cara who is shaken up on the outside.

Kane and Sheamus are going at it in the ring with a ladder. Kane throws Sheamus out and goes to work on him on the outside with a ladder. Kane puts another ladder in the ring, now there’s three in there. Rhodes and Daniel Byran are in there to great him. They work together on Kane but things break down quickly as they exchange blows. Cara is stretchered out as Kane takes out Bryan and Rhodes. He sets up a tall ladder under the briefcase. Gabriel, Barrett and Heath Slater go at Kane in the corner but Daniel Bryan is coming up the ladder. The Corre take out Bryan and are now standing tall. ‘CM Punk’ chants already start. Barrett climbs the ladder but Slater and Gabriel rip him off and take him off. Gabriel and Slater toss Barrett the the outside. Now they fight for the briefcase on the ladder.

Cody Rhodes gets in and topples the ladder over. Rhodes climbs up to the top with Kane down in the ring. Barrett rips him off but Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes on him. Now Cody climbs the ladder. Sheamus gets in and takes Cody off the ladder. Sheamus hits his finisher on Cody then Bryan gets in as Sheamus climbs the ladder. Kane goes off the top rope and takes Daniel Bryan out who is on the shoulders of Sheamus. Sheamus takes out Kane and sets up a ladder to climb and a bridge to one of the corners. Kane takes Sheamus out then chokeslams Cody Rhodes. Justin Gabriel eats a chokeslam as well.

Kane begins to climb the ladder as Daniel Bryan rips him off. Daniel starts to climb and Kane tries to get him off. Daniel goes off the ladder onto Kane but is caught then slammed down. Heath Slater starts the scale the ladder, virtually coming out of nowhere. Daniel Bryan stops him as they’re the only two in the ring. Heath Slater rips Bryan off the ladder hard but he is shaken up too. The ladder is still setup in the middle with the other acting as a bridge in the other corner. Wade Barrett gets back in and takes out Slater in one of the corners. Slater counters and goes to the top rope. Barrett trips him up but he’s shaken up as well. Sheamus sneaks in but is met by Wade Barrett. Barrett goes to the outside and grabs another ladder.

Barrett has the ladder in the ring and him and Sheamus use it to take Heath Slater off the top turnbuckle, onto the ladder onto Kane on the outside. Sheamus hits Brogue Kicks on Barrett and Rhodes. He takes out Justin Gabriel as three ladders are in the ring. Sheamus puts a ladder on the top rope but isn’t climbing. He delivers another kick to Justin Gabriel. Sheamus picks Justin Gabriel up and drops him on a ladder on the top rope. Sheamus gets a pop from the crowd and begins to climb the ladder. He gets his hands on the briefcase but Kane climbs up the other side and hits right hands. They exchange blows. Sheamus knocks Kane off but Kane grabs at his feet. Kane chokeslams Sheamus off one ladder onto another, which is acting as a bridge in the ring. Sheamus rolls out after a tough, tough bump. Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan get in and triple-team Kane. Disaster kick off the jaw of Kane. Barrett picks Kane up and hits Wasteland.

Justin Gabriel hits the 450 splash off a ladder that was balanced on the top rope onto Kane! That was awesome! Barrett immediately goes after Gabriel and tosses him to the outside. Barrett takes out Cody Rhodes and begins to climb the ladder. Heat on Barrett as Daniel Bryan is also down in the corner. Cody Rhodes drags him off the top of the ladder and sends Barrett to the outside. Bryan is climbing the ladder but Cody gets in and goes after him.

The finish:

Bryan and Rhodes are working as Barrett climbs up behind them and goes after the briefcase. Now it’s Bryan and Barrett as Rhodes was knocked off. Wade teases Wasteland on Daniel on the top of the ladder but Bryan counters with several elbows. Bryan kicks Barrett off the ladder. Daniel has the briefcase and he unhooks it.

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Richard Reacts: That was awesome! Wow, what a fun opener. With Daniel Bryan capturing the briefcase, the crowd is going to blow the roof off the building. There were tons of great spots including a sick 450 splash by Justin Gabriel. It’s interesting to see them do the Sin Cara injury angle as it looks like that was done to write him off TV for awhile. This is not a typo, Daniel Bryan is your winner!

We’re shown footage from ‘earlier tonight’ with Vince McMahon getting out of a black limousine with John Laurinaitis and an attorney for WWE. They tease they are currently meeting with CM Punk, discussing a new contract.

Divas Championship Match
– Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Brie Bella

The following match is for the WWE Divas Championship. Brie Bella, the challenger, comes out first with Nikki. Kelly Kelly, the WWE Divas Champion, comes out with Eve.

The start:

The bell rings and the first title match is underway. Kelly Kelly takes Brie down in the ring. They run the ropes and Kelly ends up taking Brie down and sending her to the outside. Brie gets together with Nikki on the outside as Kelly Kelly goes to the outside on her. Kelly tries to get back in the ring with a hand stand on the apron and Brie knocks her back and she face plants on the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Nikki lands a cheap shot but Eve fights her off. They get back in the ring where Brie gets a near fall on Kelly Kelly. Kelly counters and they work back and forth in front of an apathetic crowd.

Kelly Kelly and Brie go back and forth in the ring. Brie gets a cover that’s good for a two count. Brie stretches Kelly in a submission-type hold. Eve tries to get the crowd behind Kelly. Brie Bella wrenches back on the submission hold as Kelly Kelly stands up and counters. She fights her off and gets control of the match. Neckbreaker from Kelly on Brie and she gets a two count. Kelly plants Brie in the middle of the ring and gets another two count. Brie builds a counter, aiming at the lower body of Kelly. She gets a two count of her own.

The finish:

Out of nowhere, Kelly hits the Kelly Kick and follows it up with the pin.

Winner & still WWE Divas Champion – Kelly Kelly

Richard Reacts: The match was a typical WWE Divas contest with an ‘out-of-the-blue’ finish. Dissension was teased between the Bully Twins.

Singles Match
– Big Show vs. Mark Henry

They air a video package, recapping Big Show’s feud with Mark Henry. This is billed as the battle of the behemoths. Mark Henry is out first. Big Show comes out next to a tremendous reaction from the live crowd. Henry didn’t have much of a reaction at all.

The start:

The bell rings and the behemoths exchange power blows. There’s a lot of weight in the ring as Big Show hits a shoulder tackle on Mark Henry, sending Henry to the outside. Big Show goes to the outside and works on the World’s Strongest Man. He teases a chokeslam in front of the Spanish announce table but Henry counters. Show throws Henry over the steel ring steps. Show gets in to clear the count out.

Mid-match notes:

Show gets back in the ring after and he’s winded. Mark Henry gets in and targets the ‘injured’ knee of Big Show. Henry kicks him in the face on the mat. He continues his assault on Show’s knee. Henry gets a two count. Nearly 900 pounds in the ring between these two competitors. Henry continues to work the left knee of Big Show that he is selling. Henry applies a submission hold on the left knee of Show. Henry wrenches back with all the weight he can.

Show works on getting up but finally makes it the bottom rope to break the hold. The crowd has died down considerably with Henry in control. Show counters with a kick to the World Strongest Man’s face. Henry runs at Show and splashes him in the corner. He finally gets some heat from the crowd. Henry goes at him again but Show gets his foot up. Show gets up on the ropes and launches off the middle onto Henry. He lands on his left knee and both are down for a double count out. Show gets up and signals chokeslam.

Show grabs Henry by the neck but Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam. He gets a two count which gets the crowd hot.

The finish:

Show is on his knees in the ring as Henry stands over top him. Henry hits another World’s Strongest Slam. He follows it up with a splash off the ropes and yet another. Cover by Henry and he gets the three count.

Winner – Mark Henry

After the match, Henry isn’t done. Show is down in the ring as Mark goes for a chair behind the Anonymous Raw General Manager laptop. Henry puts the chair on the ‘injured’ left knee of Big Show. Referee Charles Robinson tries to get him to stop but Mark Henry goes to the second rope. He goes off onto the chair and Big Show goes ballistic in pain.

Trainers come out to tend to Show as Henry shouts from the ramp. Here comes the stretcher for the second time tonight. They bring out an E-Z Go cart to load the stretcher on. We go to the replay of Mark Henry doing the injury angle after the match. They put a boot on the left leg of Big Show and help him on the cart. Loud chants for ‘CM Punk.’

Richard Reacts: There was about as much action as you would expect involving a match with Big Show and Mark Henry with the post-match stuff being the most entertaining stuff of the entire bout. Mark Henry is clearly getting a big push and it’s actually really good stuff. I like Henry’s new attitude and feel if he would have been booked like this for the past couple years he may have been a much bigger star.

Backstage, Josh Mathews walks in to a locker room with Vince McMahon, Johnny Ace and the WWE attorney. Mathews asks Vince if they re-signed CM Punk. McMahon says he didn’t and Punk turned down the biggest contract he’s ever offered anyone. He calls Punk the biggest ingrate he’s ever met. Mathews asked what exactly did Punk say. McMahon says he pointed at the door and said ‘get out.’ Mathews said he would have to assume John Cena… McMahon says Cena is who brought on all this. Vince says if Punk walks out the WWE Champion tonight may God have mercy on Cena’s soul.

Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match
– Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz vs. Evan Bourne vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alex Riley vs. Kofi Kingston

Alberto Del Rio is out first, driving a yellow Lamborghini. There’s plenty of heat on Del Rio as the ladders are setup once again down the ramp. Kofi Kingston is out next to a mild babyface reaction from the crowd. Jack Swagger comes out and does push-ups at the top of the ramp. Swagger takes a ladder down with him. Evan Bourne is out next to a nice reaction from the live crowd. R-Truth comes out next to a loud heel reaction. A-Ry Alex Riley comes out next to a monster pop from the crowd. He gets the loudest reaction out of the participants. All participants are arming themselves with ladders as they go down to the ring. The Miz gets the most heat for anyone in the match as his music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Rey Mysterio is out next in green and black gear. He, too, gets a nice babyface reaction from the crowd. All men are in the ring with ladders.

The start:

The bell rings and they all target Alberto Del Rio with their ladders. They beat him out of the ring and chaos breaks out. This one is underway as Jack Swagger goes at it with Del Rio on the outside. Now all of the participants on Del Rio on the outside.

Mid-match notes:

The match breaks down as R-Truth and The Miz are in the ring with ladders. They have small ladders but Swagger gets in with a bigger ladder and takes them out. Swagger sets his ladder up in the middle but Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston get in and jump on the ladder that’s not setup. They end up fighting with either side of it and use it on R-Truth. They are fighting for possession of the ladder when Rey Mysterio springboards over it to the outside. Now it’s R-Truth and Alex Riley in the ring.

Alex Riley sets up a ladder in the ring as The Miz comes in and climbs the other side. He knocks Riley off but Riley uses the ladder to send The Miz to the outside. Swagger grabs the ladder from in the ring and takes it to the outside. Alex Riley connects on a suicide dive on the outside. R-Truth gets in, goes off the ropes and hits a suicide dive of his own. Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston simultaneously launch themselves off the top on the outside on the participants. Evan Bourne climbs one of the big ladders on the outside and nails the Shooting Star Press. Wow, what a series with Mysterio and Kofi followed by the Shooting Star Press. Now Bourne is in the ring with a ladder. The Miz gets in and he and Bourne are going at it on the ladder. Alberto Del Rio gets in and topples the ladder. The Miz is heavily favoring his right knee. The referee sends the trainer over to get a look. Miz landed badly on the knee. The trainer and referee are checking on him on the outside. Miz’s kneecap is out of place, he’s legitimately injured.

They are helping The Miz to the back as his kneecap is out of place. In the ring, Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth go at it on the ladder. Bourne and Rey Mysterio scale over R-Truth and Del Rio and are now on top of the ladder. Double hurricanrana by Mysterio as Swagger gets back in. Kingston leap frogs Swagger and gets on the ladder. Swagger locks in the ankle lock on Kingston, who is on the ladder. Swagger and Alex Riley battle it out on the ladder as R-Truth knocks it over, spoiling it. Kofi Kingston lands his leg drop on Rey Mysterio. He sets up a ladder but Mysterio gets up and lands a kick to Kofi’s face. Swagger has a ladder on the outside but R-Truth scales it, gets in the ring and hits Swagger in the face with the ladder. Mysterio hits 619 on R-Truth.

Two ladders are setup in the ring. A-Ry and Mysterio are working on one under the briefcase. Evan Bourne grabs another ladder as Del Rio pops back on the scene. Two more ladders are setup as Del Rio and Bourne climb to the top of ladders. Swagger is also now involved. Six men are all on top of ladders all battling from the briefcase. Del Rio is the first to get knocked off face-first. Evan Bourne is dumped off the top of the ladder onto the outside of the ring. Kingston, Riley, Truth and Mysterio are still up top taking swipes at the briefcase. Riley is knocked off and goes to the outside. Truth is knocked off. Kingston knocks Mysterio off who hits his neck on the top rope! Swagger climbs a ladder to grab Kofi. Both Kofi and Swagger crash and burn as The Miz comes out and scales up a ladder. He’s hobbling and looked legitimately injured, but I guess not. Mysterio takes him out and is getting a ton of heat as he climbs to the top. Alberto Del Rio grabs Mysterio but Rey fights him off. Tons of heat on Mysterio as he reaches for the briefcase.

The finish:

Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio are going at it as Rey is unmasked by Del Rio. Mysterio falls to the bottom as to Del Rio. Del Rio throws the mask of Mysterio and sets up another ladder. Del Rio grabs the briefcase and unhooks it after unmasking and taking out Rey Mysterio.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Richard Reacts: Another jam packed match that was very enjoyable. Not to be outdone by its Smackdown counterpart, Evan Bourne had a spectacular spot on the outside on top of a ladder with the Shooting Star Press. Mysterio was unmasked and The Miz could have been legitimately injured after a nasty fall although he did come back out. Wow, I hope I don’t have to wait another year to see another Money in the Bank ladder match!

World Heavyweight Championship Match (If Orton is disqualified, Christian wins the title)
– Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian

They show footage recapping the lengthy feud between Randy Orton and Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship. Backstage, Josh Mathews is with Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio says he doesn’t even know why he was in the Money in the Bank ladder match because he won a number one contender’s match a couple weeks ago. Del Rio says tonight he proved how great to everyone he is. Del Rio says the briefcase isn’t part of his destiny, just a formality as his destiny is to be the new WWE Champion.

If Randy Orton is disqualified, he will lose the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian comes out first to a mixed reaction from the live crowd. The crowd has been hot all night but often times they do not react in accordance with WWE storylines. The World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton is out next to a big reaction from the crowd. Tony Chimmel is in the ring and gives the formal introductions.

The start:

The bells rings and the first world title match is underway. Christian goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Christian slides a chair and taunts Randy Orton with it. Orton picks up the chair, talks some crap to Christian and tosses the chair out of the ring. Christian taunts Orton and pushes him. Orton hits him with a stiff right hand. Orton bounces Christian’s head off the top turnbuckle and whips him corner-to-corner. Orton throws Christian over his body, sending him to the mat and follows it up with stomps and an attack on the upper body of Christian.

Mid-match notes:

‘Let’s go Randy’ chants as Christian counters by sending Orton to the outside and leaping over the top rope to the outside but no one home as Orton moves. Orton gets back in but goes on the outside and hits some offense. Orton gets Christian back on the apron and works with him. Christian counters on Orton with a neckbreaker and goes off the middle rope and hits a flying elbow. Quick count by Christian on Orton. Christian continues his assault and slows the match down with some submission maneuvers on Orton. The crowd is red hot as Christian helps Orton up but Orton counters with right hands. Christian lands right hands of his own. Christian stands on the neck of Orton then goes to the outside and connects with a stiff right hand to the face of Orton from the outside. Two count from Christian on Orton.

Front facelock on Orton by Christian but Orton counters. They work in the corner and Orton catches Christian for a two count. Quick spinebuster counter by Christian on Orton followed by two count. Christian attempts the Kill Switch but Orton counters. Christian lands on his feet on a suplex attempt but both men end up falling to the outside. The referee begins to count with both men down on the outside. Orton gets back in the ring, Christian to the top rope. Christian misses on Orton as they brawl in the ring. Christian goes for a missile dropkick but Orton counters with a jacknife cover. Orton gets on Christian but Christian counters out. Orton tries to set Christian up but he counters again. Back and forth and Christian goes off the middle rope into a dropkick by Orton. Two count for Orton. Christian counters with a blow then goes up the ropes. Orton gets up and lands several right hands to the face of Christian. Orton climbs to the second rope for a superplex attempt. Christian fights him off and pushes him down to the mat. Diving headbutt off the top rope, he gets a two count!

Orton counters and goes for the RKO but Christian countered. Great back and forth work by these two but Orton corrals him with right hands. Christian hits the Kill Switch on Orton and gets a long two count. Wow, the crowd is hot for that! Christian sets Orton up for the spear but Orton sidesteps and goes for a gutwrench suplex but changes it into a neckbreaker. He gets a two count. Scoop slam from Orton on Christian. He pulls Christian in from the ropes and lands a DDT for vintage Randy Orton. Orton gets in viper position on Christian.

The finish:

Christian spits in the face of Randy Orton and Orton’s furious. Orton lands several punches to the face of Christian and ends up low-blowing him. The referee disqualifies Orton.

Winner & new World Heavyweight Champion – Christian

After the match, Orton has lost it. It attacks Christian and tears apart the Spanish announce table. He picks up a monitor and lands a blow to the face of Christian. Orton sets Christian up on the Spanish announce table, Orton looks insane. He stand on the Spanish announce table as Teddy Long is out to try and stop this. Orton picks Christian up on the Spanish announce table and RKO’s him off the table.

Orton is not finished and the crowd is going nuts. Orton looks absolutely insane as he does it again! He hits the RKO on Christian on the Spanish announce table.

Richard Reacts: Great match, great finish, great post-match stuff and an outcome we can all agree on. Christian had to go over or else he was going to be buried. However, they did it in a way that made Orton seem legitimately insane (you should have seen his face) while at the same time keeping both very hot. Great work in the match by both and the crowd is very hot!

WWE Championship Match
– John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk

WWE airs the promo pack, highlighting CM Punk’s current contract status with the company. Much of Punk’s great promo work is shown throughout the main selling point of this pay-per-view. The crowd is red hot, as they have been all night and fill the arena with very loud ‘CM Punk’ chants. The crowd absolutely erupts when his music hits. Major huge reaction as Punk comes down in his new ‘Best in the World’ t-shirt. The roof is going to blow off the building and down the street, this is amazing. Punk sits Indian-style in the ring as I cannot type words that would adequately describe the reaction he is getting. He awaits Cena by sitting in the ring, just soaking in the reaction.

The bell rings and Justin Roberts is in the ring for the formal introductions.

The start:

The bell rings and the match is underway. They circle one another to get things going. Punk attempts a kick but catches nothing but air. They lockup and Punk applies a side headlock on Cena. Punk locks in a wristlock on Cena. Cena flips Punk over on his back and applies a sleeper hold on the mat. Massive heat on Cena as Punk makes it to his feet. Loud ‘you can’t wrestle’ chants directed towards Cena. Punk taunts Cena and gets a loud pop from the crowd.

Mid-match notes:

Cena takes Punk down but Punk locks in the anaconda vice but Cena reverses it. No control is gained as Cena works with a submission holds on Punk. He pushes Cena off the ropes in a counter but Cena hits a shoulder block. There is still no control in the match as Cena applies a side headlock to CM Punk. Cena throws Punk down on the mat with a side headlock. Punk gets back to his feet with Cena on his knees, in control of the hold. Cena hits a shoulder block off the ropes on Punk but Punk counters with a hiptoss and a drop kick. Punk applies a side headlock on Cena on the mat. They go back and forth with Punk hitting offense but Cena counters with a bulldog and a two count. Every little bit of offense that Cena hits he’s greeted with a tremendous amount of heat. Punk counters but Cena hits him in the face which looked to have knocked out a tooth (but probably not due to the lack of blood).

There are some ‘let’s go Cena’ chants but are being drowned out by ‘Cena sucks.’ Punk picks Cena up, slams him and gets a two count. The crowd is on fire! Punk covers John Cena yet again for another two count. Punk gets Cena up but Cena backs him into the corner. Cena whips Punk into the corner and hits a fisherman’s suplex. Two count for Cena on Punk. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Punk counters with a quick DDT. Two count for Punk on Cena. Punk locks his legs around the throat of Cena. Cena stirs in the submission lock, lifting Punk on his shoulders. Punk dumps Cena to the outside. He goes to the outside after him much to the referee’s chagrin. Punk bounces the head of John Cena off the mat on the apron. He smacks the back of Cena on the back. Punk jumps off the middle rope, landing his knee to the back of the neck of John Cena who is on the apron to the outside. Punk rolls Cena back into the ring, gets him away from the ropes and gets a two count.

Cena counters and Punk is hung up in the ropes. Cena stirs and grabs him. Punk counters and hits a clothesline on the WWE Champion. Punk gets a quick two count on Cena. Cena suplexes Punk over the top rope to the outside from the apron. Heck of a spot by Cena. Punk has targeted the neck of John Cena with submission holds and other neck-focused maneuvers. Punk goes off the top and slightly lands a cross-body block on Cena. It was an ugly landing as Cena is grimacing on the apron. Cena counters and Punk is hung up in the ropes. Cena stirs and grabs him. Punk counters and hits a clothesline on the WWE Champion. Punk gets a quick two count on Cena. Cena suplexes Punk over the top rope to the outside from the apron. Heck of a spot by Cena.

Cena hits a quick snap suplex on CM Punk. He gets a lot of heat as he drops an elbow on Punk. Two count for Cena. Cena scoops Punk up but he counters out. Cena gets him up for the Attitude Adjustment but he hits an inverted maneuver that’s good enough to get him another two count.

Cena hits Punk with several right hands. Punk counters with kicks and right hands himself. Just when it looked like Punk had control, Cena countered and put CM Punk in an abdominal stretch submission hold. Cena wrenches back on the hold as the crowd screams. Punk counters on Cena with a hiptoss. Both men go down in the center of the ring. The referee begins the double count out. Cena is up and so is Punk, Cena hits a couple of shoulder blocks. They botch a suplex as Punk counters. Cena picks Punk up and slams him. Cena signals the five knuckle schuffle. Punk counters and pushes Cena out of the ring.

Suicide dive by Punk onto Cena on the outside. The referee begins the double count out yet again. CM Punk gets in the ring to clear the count then back out after Cena. Punk rolls Cena into the ring. Punk goes off the top rope for the cross-body but Cena gets out of the way.

Cena signals for five knuckle shuffle again. He goes off the ropes and lands it. Cena picks Punk up for the Attitude Adjustment. Punk lands somewhat on his feet but countered nonetheless. Punk counters and gets a two count. Both men are slow to get up.

Punk gets Cena up for Go To Sleep but Cena counters with a gutwrench suplex. Punk counters and hits several knees to the jaw of John Cena. Bulldog by Punk on Cena. Punk hits the cross-body off the top rope and gets another two count. Punk kicks Cena but Cena hooks in the STF out of nowhere. The crowd heats up as CM Punk is in the middle of the ring and in trouble. Punk crawls forward very slowly. Punk finally gets to the ropes to break the STF by Cena.

Punk kicks Cena in the back of the head, goes for the cover on Cena and gets a two count. Punk goes for the cross-body but Cena catches him. Cena goes for the AA but Punk counters into the G2S. He doesn’t get it but Cena hooks in the STF in an amazing counter. Cena pulls Punk back to the center of the ring with the STF locked in. Punk counters out of the STF and locks in a sideheadlock submission hold. Cena counters out and hits the Attitude Adjustment. It’s only good enough for a two count.

Cena goes to the top rope with Punk down but on his feet. Punk counters and gets a two count on the WWE Champion. Punk lifts Cena up but Cena counters and goes to the outside. Cena gets up on the top rope again and lands on Punk. He gets another lengthy two count.

Cena hits another Attitude Adjustment on Punk but he kicks out again. The match has gone over 30 minutes. Cena can’t put Punk away as he set him up on the top rope. Cena is on the second rope attempting an AA, but Punk fights out with elbows to the temple area of Cena’s head. Punk gets on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana on Cena. Cena rolls into the opposite corner to stay out of a cover.

Punk picks Cena up and hits Go to Sleep but lands on the ribs of Cena. Cena is on the outside, Punk follows. Punk rolls Cena back in the ring but here comes Mr. McMahon and John Laurinaitis. Punk is distracted as Cena locks in the STF. McMahon signals the timekeeper but Cena breaks the hold and takes out Laurinaitis at ringside.

The finish:

Cena confronts McMahon and tells him ‘not that way.’ Cena gets in the ring and Punk hits Go To Sleep, pins Cena and wins the WWE Championship.

Winner & new WWE Champion – CM Punk

The crowd goes ballistic and McMahon is beside himself. Punk celebrates in the ring as Michael Cole brings up the news of his expiring contract. McMahon takes the headset from Lawler and gets on commentary. He says in the headset for the company to get Alberto Del Rio out right now to cash in his title shot.

The crowd chants ‘CM Punk’ as McMahon storms off from commentary. Here comes Alberto Del Rio but Punk catches him with a right hand. Punk lays Del Rio out in the ring as he climbs over the guard rail and leaves through the crowd with the WWE Championship belt. Punk blew McMahon a kiss on his way out. The crowd goes nuts as Cole says Del Rio’s shot wasn’t cashed in because the bell never rang. The pay-per-view is over as McMahon stands in the ring and CM Punk exits through the concourse.

Richard Reacts: Do you see what effective promos will do? They translate into an ultra hot crowd that created one heck of a match. The work of Cena and Punk wasn’t perfect but it was pretty darn good. I’ll give it to both of them for going the distance in this one, lasting over thirty minutes and putting on a story-telling bout that had literally everyone wondering what was going to happen. The finish had a nice ending that will for sure pop tomorrow night’s WWE Raw rating. Well done main event and well done pay-per-view.

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