TNA Turning Point Results – November 13, 2011

TNA Turning Point Results
November 13, 2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Results by: Sean Hopkins of

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We open the show with a weird video package that pairs political footage with highlights of the main feuds heading into tonight’s show. The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV and immediately begins hyping Styles/Roode for later tonight, as well as all of the other title matches taking place tonight.

TNA TV Championship Match
– Eric Young (c) vs. Robbie E

The entrances:

After a lengthy rundown of the main event, Robbie E. is introduced and he makes his way down to the ring with Robbie T. in tow. Eric Young is out next, looking like a crazy hobo, and he gets the crowd clapping along with him right away.

The start:

The bell rings and EY locks up with the ref before bailing to the outside and running into Robbie T., Robbie E. runs up from behind and eats a right hand before being sent into the ring. EY high fives the front row before going to the top and leaping over Robbie. EY is able to connect with a crazy head scissors that sends Robbie to the outside where he consults with Terry.

Mid-match notes:

Robbie gets back in the ring and EY bails to lock up with So Cal Val. EY and Robbie chase each other in and out of the ring repeatedly, but it ends up with EY catches a clothesline from Terry. EY is sent back into the ring where he’s pinned, but he kicks out at two.

Robbie mounts EY and punches away at him before getting up and kicking. EY fights back, rolling up Robbie, but he’s kicked off into the turnbuckles. Robbie goes up to the second rope and comes down with a flying forearm that’s good for another two count.

Robbie sends EY into the ropes and hits him with an elbow for another two count before locking in a rear chin lock. EY calls for support from the fans and he fights up and out of the submission, but Robbie slams EY back down to the mat and locks in another rear chin lock.

The crowd gets behind Young once more and he fights up to his feet again. EY hits a stunner to break the hold and both men are down. Robbie is up first and he hits EY with a clubbing blow across the back, then another. EY pulls off his pants and has trunks underneath that say GTW. EY hits a flying forearm, flips out of the corner to the apron, slides back in through Robbie’s legs and hits a big dropkick. EY hits a nice belly to belly suplex and goes up to the top hitting a macho man elbow, but when he goes for the pin, Terry pulls Robbie from the ring.

The finish:

Young pulls off another pair of trunks to reveal a third outfit and he goes to the top flying off with a cross body block to the outside on both Robbie and Terry. EY sends Robbie into the ring but he’s clipped with a clothesline to the legs by Terry. Terry sends EY back into the ring where he’s pinned for three.

Winner & NEW TNA TV Champion: Robbie E

AJ Styles is shown backstage arriving to the arena, followed by Roode showing up.

Six-Person Tag Team Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship
– Mexican America (c) vs. Ink Inc.

We get a video package that details the events that have led directly into this match, with the addition of Toxxin and Sarita.

The entrances:

The challengers, Ink Inc. are out to the ring first. Jesse Neal is carrying an American flag to the ring and he shouts out something about vets on his way down to the ring, which is very classy. Neal has a red, white and blue mohawk tonight.

Mexican America, and Sarita are out with Rosita in tow, and not to be outdone, Hernandez is carrying a Mexican flag.

The start:

The bell rings and it looks like Anarquia and Moore will start things out for their respective teams. We get a lock up and Anarquia backs Moore into the corner and buries his shoulder in Moore’s gut. Moore responds with two arm drags, an inverted atomic drop, and a spin kick. Moore tags in Neal, but Anarquia backs away and tags in Hernandez.

Mid-match notes:

We get a lock up and Hernandez shoves Neal away. Neal targets the arm and wrenches it, before hitting a couple of forearms. Neal tries for a hip toss but Hernandez blocks it and knocks Neal to the mat. Neal gets up and gets in Hernandez’s face, hitting the ropes and hitting a shoulder block once, then again. Hernandez asks for another, but Neal surprises his with a big boot.

Moore tags in and hits a dropkick on Anarquia but he’s attacked from behind by Hernandez. Moore goes to the top and leaps off but he’s caught by Super Mex. Moore turns it into a roll up for two. Anarquia tags in and Moore wrenches the arm, climbs the ropes and hits a nice arm drag. Moore hits a beautiful hurricarana and goes for the pin but he only gets two. Neal tags in and we gets a double back elbow before Moore hip tosses Neal on Anarquia for another near fall. Anarquia fights back and tags out to Hernandez who comes in with a shoulderblock over the top rope into Neal. Hernandez chokes Neal on the middle rope, drawing Moore and Toxxin in the ring but it allows Mexican America to attack Neal.

Hernandez and Anarquia hit a pretty awesome assisted low dropkick that sends Neal to the floor. Neal is sent back in and Anarquia goes for the pin but only gets two. Anarquia locks in a rear chin lock and Neal fights to his feet only to be thrown to the mat. Hernandez tags in and Anarquia sends him into the corner, but when Anarquia is launches in, Neal moves. Hernandez sends Moore from the apron but he turns around to eat a spear. Both of the women get the tag and Toxxin comes in hitting a series of kicks. She avoids a dropkick and drops Sarita with a clothesline before hitting a crazy gutwrench suplex. She goes for the pin but she’s pulled off by Hernandez.

Ink Inc. attack, double teaming Hernandez and sending him over the top with a double clothesline. Moore hits a moonsault out to the floor on Hernandez. In the ring, Neal slams Anarquia to the mat and picks up Toxxin, slamming her down on Anarquia with a leg drop. Toxxine hits a jawbreaker and her and Neal pull down Anarquia’s pants to show off his new ink.

The finish:

Rosita tries to get involved and Toxxin catches her. While the ref is distracted Sarita comes out of nowhere with the titles and drills Toxxin in the back. She pins her and scores the three count.

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Ink Inc.

JB is backstage with Kid Kash and Austin Aries. Kid Kash says tonight’s match is what it is. He doesn’t like Jesse Sorensen, and he’s sick of seeing him and tonight he and Aries are going to make sure respect is beaten into him, or he’s going to beat him out of there. Aries says to channel that aggression. He says tonight’s going to be a handicap match. He says tonight isn’t a popularity contest, they’re two grown men. Kash says Jesse thinks he’s the man, well tonight he’ll be in the ring with two seasoned veterans. Aries says Kash needs to stick with the plan.

Three-Way Dance for the TNA X Division Championship
– Austin Aries (c) vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash

The entrances:

Jesse Sorensen is the first man out to the ring wearing a letterman jacket. He signs a football and gives it to a kid on his way down to the ring. He doesn’t get a great reaction from the crowd though. Kid Kash is out next, and he doesn’t really get much of a reaction at all.

The Champion, Austin Aries, is the final man to make his way out to the ring and he gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd.

The start:

Kash and Aries converse with each other before the bell. The bell rings and Kash and Aries double team Jesse, but he’s able to avoid attack from both men. Aries excuses himself to the apron and while Kash and Jesse are jawing he sneaks up behind and hits him with a clubbing blow across the back. Kash punches at Jesse’s face but then Sorensen fights back. Aries attacks, but Sorensen comes right back hitting a big back body drop and clotheslining Aries over the top to the outside. Kash attacks but it’s short lived as Sorensen hip tosses him over the top rope, then leaps over the top to the floor on top of both men.

Mid-match notes:

Jesse sends Aries into the ring and goes to the top rope but he’s pushed off by Kash. Kash is ruthless as he punches and stomps at Jesse. Kash hits an awesome suplex and goes for the cover but he only gets two, and Aries looks confused. Kash hits Jesse with some chops, then holds him so that Aries can get in a couple of chops, then a kick to the stomach. Kash grabs the legs and Aries distracts the ref so Kash can sneak in a low blow.

Kash stands on Jesse’s face for a bit before hitting a wicked backbreaker and he goes for the pin but Aries pulls him off and they argue. Jesse pushes Aries into Kash and sends Kash to the outside. Jesse hits a couple of high knees, then goes to the top and hits a big cross body but when he goes for the pin it’s broken up by Kash. Kash locks in an inverted surfboard, and Aries lays in a kick to the chest for good measure. Kash hits a knee drop before picking Jesse up and standing him up in the corner for another chop, and another. Aries lays in one too and Kash stomps away at Jesse.

Jesse is able to back body drop Kash to the outside, and hit Aries with a big boot but Kash is up and he pulls him to the outside, sending him to the barricade hard. Kash holds Jesse on his feet and Aries hits the heat seeking missile through the bottom two ropes, with Kash stepping aside at the last second. Aries goes for a pin but only gets two. Aries goes for another pin and it’s broken up by Kash. The two men argue about ‘the plan’. Kash hits another knee to the side of Jesse’s head. Aries picms him up and Jesse hits a couple of right hands on both men, but Aries comes up with a knee to the gut to stop him. Kash picks him up and slams him to the mat and Aries grinds his boot on Jesse’s chest.

Kash and Aries go up to the top in opposite corners. Aries goes for a frog splash and Jesse gets his knees up. Kash goes for a moonsault and Jesse moves. Jesse’s up and hits hits a series of kicks on Aries and a big neckbreaker. Jesse goes for the pin, but Kash breaks it up at two. Aries backs Jesse into the corner, but when he goes for the dropkick Jesse gets the boot up. Jesse hits a crazy reverse DDT/neckbreaker on Aries, but the pin is broken up by Kash who goes to work with some nasty chops. Jesse goes up to the middle rope and leaps off with a clothsline and Kash hits one at the same time. Jesse is bleeding from his chest from those nasty chops.

The finish:

Jesse goes to the top but he’s stopped by Kash who hits a giant superplex from the top rope. Kash pulls Jesse to his feet and hits the money maker. Aries runs around the ring. Kash goes for the pin but Aries puts Jesse’s foot on the ropes and points it to the ref. While Kash argues with the ref, Aries sneaks up behind Kash and rolls him up for the three count.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries

JB is backstage with AJ Styles. Styles says Roode is a great World Champion. A guy that turns his back on his friends. Styles has been here 9 years and been champ 4 times over and he did it with honor and dignity. He says Roode trashed what Fortune stood for in one night. He says Roode spit in the face of all the fans in TNA. Styles says tonight he plans on doing more than spitting in his face, he’s going to knock it off. Styles says Roode’s time as World Champion won’t last much longer.

No Disqualification Match
– Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels

The entrances:

Daniels is the first man out to the ring and he gets a bit of a mixed reaction on his way out to the ring. RVD is out next and it really feels like they’re rushing through this PPV as I’m having a hard time keeping up.

Daniels rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic. He tells everyone to wait. He says Bob Van Dam, and asks him to listen. He wants to be the voice of reason. How did they get to the point of No DQ. He’s not a savage like the fans, or a hardcore wrestler like RVD, he’s a pure wrestler. He says he never runs from a challenge, or quits, but he has a suggestion. Since it’s Impact Wrestling, where wrestling matters, they should agree to a straight wrestling match, with no weapons. He asks for a gentleman’s agreement.

The start:

Van Dam shakes Daniels’ hand and ends up in a headlock, leading to the bell being rung. RVD pushes Daniels down and slams his knee into the mat, catches him with a kick in the corner and goes for a quick pin. RVD goes for an arm bar and Daniels tries to counter into a pin. We get a bit more mat wrestling between the two before Daniels bails to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Daniels makes his way back into the ring. Daniels goes behind Van Dam but he’s tossed to the mat. We get a bit more chain wrestling before RVD sends Daniels into the corner and hits a huge monkey flip out of the corner. RVD hits Daniels with a big kick to the mouth and goes for the pin, getting two. Daniels backs RVD into the corner and buries his shoulder in RVD’s midsection repeatedly before going to the mat and locking in a chin lock. RVD fights it off and blocks a hip toss, catching Daniels with a kick to the head and following up with rolling thunder. Daniels goes for a kick but RVD catches the leg and hits a spinning heel kick. RVD follows it up with a leg drop over the ropes on the apron on Daniels’ head.

RVD tries for a sunset flip but Daniels fights it off, punching and stomping at Van Dam. Daniels backs RVD into the corner and works over his stomach a bit more before choking RVD with his boot. Daniels sends RVD into the ropes and hits a dropkick, goes for a pin and gets a two count. Daniels locks in another rear chin lock. RVD is quick to fight up to his feet, but Daniels slams him back down to the mat while maintaining the hold.

Daniels wrenches away at RVD’s neck, wearing him down. RVD fights up and out of this hold too, but Daniels shoulders him and nails him with a Death Valley driver. Daniels goes for another pin but can only get two. Daniels picks RVD up and connects with a big enzugiri. When Van Dam stands up he eats a running forearm. Daniels buries his knee in RVD’s chest in the corner, but RVD is able to catch him with boots. RVD and Daniels trade blows in the middle of the ring and RVD gets the upper hand with a couple of clotheslines and a springboard single leg dropkick. Daniels is able to send RVD to the outside, but RVD comes back in and crotches Daniels on the top rope, goes to the top and hits a single leg dropkick to knock Daniels down.

Daniels walks away up the ramp, saying that he’s done. Van Dam doesn’t want that so he chases him up the ramp and the two fight. RVD back body drops Daniels on the ramp. Daniels tries to go through the crowd. Van Dam beats on Daniels and drapes him over the barricade, hitting a leg drop from the ramp. Daniels crawls back to the ring and RVD follows. Daniels throws the ref into RVD and follows up with an STO. Daniels goes to the outside and grabs a chair which he buries in RVD’s gut before hitting a urunage on the chair, but it’s still only good for a two count.

The finish:

Daniels goes back to the outside and grabs a screwdriver. He goes to use it on RVD but RVD gets the chair up, tosses it into Daniels’ hand and dropkicks the chair into Daniels’ face. RVD goes to the top and hits the five star frog splash, getting the pin and the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

JB is backstage with the Robbie’s E. and T. Robbie E. says he’s been saying it for the past three months, that they’re the biggest TV stars in TNA, and now they’ve got the bling to prove it. Robbie says he’ll be the champion for a long, long, long time because he’s jacked. He asks JB is he feels it. He says tonight there’ll be a big party because bling equals b******.

Singles Match
– Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

We get a video package highlighting the history between these two men, and Matt Morgan’s goal of ending Crimson’s undefeated streak tonight.

The entrances:

Matt Morgan is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a great reaction from the Impact Zone crowd.

Crimson is out next, and he gets a positive reaction, but it’s not as good as Morgan’s.

The start:

The bell rings and both men stare each other down before circling. They both soak in the reactions of the crowd before locking up. Morgan backs Crimson up but Crimson turns it around in the corner, and Morgan backs him right back out before breaking. We get another lock up and Crimson is sent into the ropes where he hits a shoulderblock but Morgan doesn’t budge. Crimson calls for a test of strength. Both men struggle to establish dominance, but neither man gets the advantage before they break.

Mid-match notes:

Crimson hits Morgan with a couple of big clubbing blows before locking in a cravat and hitting a series of knees. Morgan gets out of it, smiles, and hits a discus clothesline. Morgan tries for the carbon footprint but Crimson avoids it and hits a clothesline, mounting Morgan and punching away. Morgan backs Crimson into the corner and hits a series of shoulders to Crimson’s midsection before clotheslining him over the top to the outside.

Morgan follows to the outside, but Crimson fights back, slamming Morgan’s head into the steps and sending him into the barricade. Crimson rearranges the ring steps. Crimson tries to send Morgan into the steps but Morgan avoids it and for some reason Crimson crashes into the steps. Morgan sends Crimson into the ring and clotheslines him in the corner before hitting a side slam for a two count.

Morgan sends Crimson into the ropes and hits a back elbow before mounting Crimson and hitting a series of right hands. Morgan picks Crimson up and hits a head butt before hitting the rapid fire elbow in the corner. Crimson shakes it off and follows Morgan out, saying something I can’t re-print here. Crimson hits a series of clothesline before hitting an exploder suplex for a near fall of his own.

Morgan buries his shoulder in Crimson’s gut in the corner again, but Crimson comes right back, taking Morgan down to the mat and locking in a modified half nelson. Morgan fights out of it, and avoids a charging Crimson. Morgan hits the chokeslam and goes for a pin, but Crimson kicks out at two.

Morgan psychs himself up in the corner and he tries for the carbon footprint, but Crimson avoids it and hits the spear. Crimson goes for the pin but he’s still only able to get a two count. Crimson picks Morgan up and hits the ropes but he walks right into a big carbon footprint. Crimson falls to the outside. Morgan is quick to follow and he sends Crimson back into the ring, going for the pin, but Crimson kicks out at two.

Morgan catches Crimson in the corner with a boot, but Crimson comes up with a sit out chokebomb out of nowhere. Crimson goes for the pin but he still can’t get three. Both men make their way to their feet. We get another stare down as both men walk toward each other. Morgan asks for Crimson’s best shot, and he takes it. Morgan reciprocates and Crimson takes it. Crimson hits Morgan again, then Morgan hits Crimson.

The finish:

Both men continue to go punch for punch, pushing the ref away and refusing to be broken up. Both men push the ref down to the mat, and the ref immediately calls for the bell.

Double Disqualification

Morgan and Crimson look at each other and then continue to fight. Security is out from the back to break both men up. Crimson attacks, taking Morgan down to the mat and both men roll to the outside. They continue to fight until they’re broken up by security again. Security backs Crimson up the ramp and keeps Morgan at a distance.

JB is backstage with Bully Ray and Scott Steiner. Bully Ray calls Abyss an idiot and says it’s his fault for being beat down by Immortal. He also says if he had a dollar for every time he beat Anderson’s a**, he’d be rich. Steiner says he knows all about Abyss, talks about Abyss’ girlfriend or something, and parts unknown. He says she’s ugly and fat. Ray says tonight they’ll be in the ring with half of the greatest tag team of all time, and Scott Steiner.

Tag Team Match
– Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs. Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

The entrances:

Bully Ray and Steiner are the first men to make their way down to the ring. They get a bit of heat from the crowd.

Mr. Anderson is out next, and of course he calls down the mic from the ceiling while at the top of the ramp. Anderson asks if his mic is on. He asks how many a holes are in the building tonight. He says he’s the grand poobah, and he hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Mr. Anderson! Anderson!

Abyss is the last man to make his way out to the ring, getting an OK reaction from the crowd.

The start:

Anderson and Ray look to start things off for their respective teams. Ray avoids a lock up at first, but then locks up and backs Anderson into the corner. Ray goes for a cheap shot but Anderson ducks it and connects with an arm drag. We get another lock up and Ray sends Anderson into the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Anderson avoids a splash and hits another arm drag. Anderson hits a couple of clotheslines and Ray won’t drop so he hits a big enzugiri that sends Ray to the mat. Anderson locks in a side head lock and Ray fights out with a belly to back suplex. Steiner tags in and sends Anderson into the corner, kicking, punching and chopping away at him. Anderson catches a charging Steiner with an elbow, and a shoulder block from the middle rope.

Steiner fights back, and Ray is able to use a distraction to pull Anderson’s legs out from under him and pull him crotch first into the ring post. Steiner tags out to Ray who comes in and begins beating down Anderson. Ray goes to work on Anderson’s leg with a grape vine, but Anderson won’t give. Ray picks him up and connects with a short arm clothesline. Ray goes for another clothesline, but Anderson ducks it and hits a neckbreaker. Anderson makes the tag, but Steiner distracts the ref, so it doesn’t count. Ray and Steiner use the distraction to beat on Anderson in the corner. Steiner tags in and puts Anderson on the top turnbuckle. Steiner hits a Samoan drop from the top.

Steiner taunts Abyss, but it does no good as he’s rolled up twice by Anderson. Steiner responds with a big belly to belly suplex that sends Anderson across the ring. Ray tags in and prevents Anderson from tagging Abyss. Anderson gets right back up and gives Ray a DDT. Steiner is angry with the fans for chanting his name. Both men make the tag and Abyss comes in with clotheslines for both Ray and Steiner, then splashes for both before he sends Ray into the same corner as Steiner and splashes both. Abyss sends Ray to the outside and slams Steiner, then splashes him from the middle rope for a near fall.

The finish:

Abyss hits Steiner with a chokeslam but then he’s attacked by Ray. Abyss teases a double chokeslam, but they fight back, and he hits a double clothesline instead. Anderson tags in and Abyss is clotheslined over the top rope by Ray. Anderson comes into the ring and is taken down hard by Steiner. Steiner places Anderson on the top turnbuckle and pounds away. Steiner connects with the frankensteiner, but Anderson isn’t legal I guess. Abyss comes in and hits a black hole slam, pinning Steiner and getting the three count.

Winners: Abyss & Mr. Anderson

After the match Ray attacks Abyss and goes to the outside to grab a table. Ray and Steiner continue to assault Abyss while they set up the table. They pick up Abyss and slam him down through the table but Abyss stand straight up. Both Ray and Steiner bail from the ring.

JB is backstage with Madison Rayne, Karen Jarrett, and Gail Kim. Jarrett says tonight Kim will bring the belt home. Karen says Kim is a role model, and represent the company correctly. She says she looks like what a Knockout should. Gail says she’s never been more ready for a match in her life. Karen says she doesn’t need any help so she’ll be on her own, and she wants all the other girls in the back to see how it’s done. This leads us right into a video package showing recent events between Velvet Sky and Gail Kim leading into this match.

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match
– Velvet Sky (c) vs. Gail Kim

The entrances:

Gail Kim is the first woman out to the ring with her KO Tag Team Championship on her shoulder. Kim gets a bit of heat from the crowd.

Velvet Sky is out next, and she gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and Sky is already on top of Kim raining down with punches. The fight spills to the outside and Sky slams Gail’s face into the apron. Back in the ring Sky is unstoppable, tearing into Kim and hitting a big cross body before sending her into the corner and mounting her with a series of punches. Kim picks her up and puts her down on the top rope though. Kim takes Sky to the corner and hits her with kicks to the stomach before hitting a weird spear like move where Kim ended up on the apron. Kim hits a snap mare and kicks Sky in the chest. Karen Jarrett is shown walking down the ramp, applauding Kim.

Mid-match notes:

Kim continues to assault Sky with a backbreaker, then an abdominal stretch. Sky breaks the hold and covers Kim for two, then another cover for another two. Kim sends Sky into the corner, misses a splash, and goes for a springboard cross body, but is caught with a kick to the stomach instead.

Sky hits a couple of clotheslines, smashes Kim’s face into her knee, the face plants Kim into the canvas. Kim backs Sky into the corner and goes for eat defeat, but Sky blocks it and hits a facebuster. Karen interferes and Madison Rayne comes in and puts Velvet down with a knee to the back and neck. Kim goes for the cover but Sky kicks out at two. Kim goes to the top and tries for a senton but misses.

The finish:

Both women go for covers but neither gets three. Madison interferes again and the distraction allows Kim to hit eat defeat. Kim pins Sky and gets the three count.

Winner & NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Kim celebrates with Karen and Rayne in the ring following the match.

Eric Bischoff is shown backstage arguing on his phone, presumably with his wife about taking her birth control so he wouldn’t have ‘this problem’. It goes on for a bit longer with nothing noteworthy. Ray comes in and asks if he saw the match. He says they need to do something about Abyss. Ray is freaked out. Bischoff says they need to make it up to him. Bischoff says Ray needs to figure it out. Ray can’t believe Abyss’ reaction to being put through a table. Bischoff says let’s go find him.

Singles Match
– Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

We get a video promo that details the problems between these two men, and the tension that has built leading into this match.

The entrances:

Jeff Jarrett is the first man out to the ring, with his wife Karen in tow. Jarrett has his AAA title around his waist, but it’s not acknowledged by Christy Hemme.

Jeff Hardy is out to the ring next with a mask covering his face.

The finish:

Hardy finally makes it into the ring, fights with Jarrett for a second, then hits the twist of fate, leading into a pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

The start:

Following the match, Jarrett asks for another match, and I guess it starts as Jarrett attacks Hardy and the bell rings. Jarrett lays in to Jardy with a series of punches, but Hardy comes right back, hitting a spinning kick.

Mid-match notes:

Jarrett hits a back elbow, then drops a leg on Hardy’s back while he’s on the ropes. Jarrett goes to the outside and hits Hardy with a right hand. Jarrett, back in the ring, goes to the second rope and comes off with a fist drop. Jarrett goes up again and again hits the fist drop. Jarrett goes up a third time but he’s caught with a boot to the gut, and a front suplex for a near fall.

Hardy jumps up to the top rope but Jarrett swipes at his feet and Hardy falls down to the mat. Jarrett struts to taunt Hardy before kicking at him, then sending him across the ring. Jarrett sends Hardy into the corner again, hard. Jarrett picks Hardy up to his feet and Hardy fights back with punches of his own, only to fall victim to the sleeper. Hardy falls to his knees, but not for long as he’s able to fight out of the hold and hit a belly to back suplex.

The finish:

Jarrett and Hardy trade blows in the middle of the ring with Hardy getting the upper hand. Hardy goes for a pin but he’s still only able to get two. Jarrett catches Hardy with a kick to the chest. Hardy tries for the twist of fate but Jarrett fights it off. Jarrett tries for the figure four, but Hardy counters with a roll up. Hardy gets the three count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Following the match, Jarrett looks distraught as Karen argues with the ref and Hardy makes his way to the back.

Jarrett goes to the outside and he grabs the chair from under So Cal Val. Jarrett follows Hardy up the ramp and hits him with a chair shot to the head. Jarrett says it’s over when he says it’s over. Jarrett drags Hardy back down to the ring. Jarrett tells Hebner to get back into the ring. Jarrett sends Hardy into the ring and hits the stroke. Jarrett goes for the pin and makes Hebner count. Hardy reverses it at two and scores a pinfall of his own, getting another three count.

Winner(?): Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is shown backstage being congratulated by fellow wrestlers. AJ Styles stops by on his way out to the ring to shake Hardy’s hand.

JB is backstage with Bobby Roode. Roode says he wants to get one thing clear. He was Beer Money. He was Fortune. He didn’t need Kazarian, James Storm, or AJ Styles. All they did was prevent him from reaching his full potential, and now that he’s kicked them all to the curb, he stands before them as the World Heavyweight champion. Roode says Styles is jealous and can’t deal with it. Roode says he’s selfish. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep the title, at all costs. He’s the it factor of pro wrestling. He says AJ has seen what he did to his partner to get the title, imagine what he’ll do to AJ. This leads us right into a video package highlighting Roode’s journey to the title, heel turn, and involvement of AJ Styles.

TNA Championship Match
– Bobby Roode (c) vs. AJ Styles

The entrances:

AJ Styles is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and it’s worth noting that he’s not really favoring his ankle visibly.

The Champion, Bobby Roode is the next man to make his way out to the ring, getting a bit of heat from the Impact Zone crowd.

We get formal ring introductions for both men from JB, and we’re finally ready to begin this match with lots of time left to go.

The start:

The bell rings and Styles is quick to back Roode into the ropes where he forces the ref to back Styles away. We get a lock up and neither man gets an advantage before they break and Roode goes back into the ropes. We get another lock up and Styles backs Roode up into the corner. Roode catches Styles with a cheap shot, but AJ answers with a right hand of his own. Roode drops to the mat and out to the floor for a breather.

Mid-match notes:

Roode makes his way back into the ring and catches Styles with a series of right hands. Styles tries to fight back but Roode locks in a side head lock. Styles is able to fight it off but Styles hits a big dropkick that sends Roode to the outside. Styles follows and sends Roode back into the ring, hitting an immediate snap suplex. Styles takes Roode from corner to corner, slamming Roode’s head into turnbuckles and hitting chop after chop.

Styles picks Roode up and slams him to the mat before hitting a big knee drop for a two count. Styles hits another right and chop, but Roode responds with a kick to the chest and a clothesline that takes AJ off his feet. Roode punches Styles in the corner and catches him with a kick to the stomach. Roode snap mares AJ out of the corner and hits a leaping neck breaker. Roode charges AJ, but Styles avoids it and Roode crashes through the ropes and out to the floor. AJ goes out to the apron and leaps off on top of Roode, sandwiching him against the barricade. Styles follows up by slamming Roode into the barricade.

Styles lays in with some more chops before sending Roode back into the ring. When Styles makes his way up to the apron Roode shoves the ref into Styles and follows up with a baseball slide to send Styles out to the floor. Roode goes to the outside and backs Styles up into the apron back first. Roode sends AJ back into the ring and tries for a cover for a one count. Roode stomps away at Styles, then punches, but Styles starts to fight back. Styles hits a boot in the corner and comes off the middle rope but he’s caught by Roode and slingshotted into the turnbuckle across the ring. Roode puts AJ down with a Samoan drop that’s good for another two count.

Roode locks in a waist lock, trying to wear Styles down. Styles tries to fight out so Roode transitions to a front face lock. Styles tries to fight out but Roode hits him with a clubbing blow. Styles charges Roode in the corner but Roode gets his feet up. Roode goes up to the middle rope, but he’s stopped by AJ. Styles goes up, but he’s fought off with a head butt. AJ recovers and jumps right back up the ropes, hitting a superplex.

Both men are slow to make it to their feet. When they do they trade right hands until Styles hits a back body drop, then a series of clotheslines. Styles hits a flying forearm in the corner, then hits an awesome over the knee neckbreaker that’s good for another near fall. Styles shoulders Roode but Roode fights out of it. Styles goes to the apron, but only slingshots himself over with a forearm. AJ goes for a cross body but Roode rolls through and goes for the pin for two. Roode sends AJ into the ropes and connects with a big spinebuster for another two count.

Styles avoids a suplex from Roode and responds with a belly to back suplex of his own. Styles goes to the apron and tries a springboard 450 but Roode avoids it. Styles almost rolls Roode up but follows through to Styles clash position. Roode fights it off and transitions into the cross face. Styles is able to slip out of it and get Roode in roll up position, but instead of a pin, Styles picks up Roode and powerbombs him to the mat.

Roode back body drops AJ to the apron, so AJ comes back in with a springboard flying forearm. AJ catches Roode in the corner, and Roode hits him with a low blow that also hits the ref. Roode goes for the pin but only gets two. AJ goes for a roll up but only gets two himself. AJ is able to connect with an enzugiri but Roode doesn’t go down. Roode fights back but a big punch from AJ puts Roode down to the mat.

AJ punches Roode repeatedly, getting a second wind. AJ picks up Roode and crotches him on the top rope, causing him to fall to the outside.

The finish:

Styles goes for the suicide dive to the outside, but Roode is able to move and Styles crashes down to the floor. Both men make it back into the ring. Roode hits an immediate fisherman’s suplex, bridging into a pin, but he’s still only able to get a two count. Roode picks AJ up to his feet, and AJ comes up with a Pele kick out of nowhere. Styles teases the clash, but Roode pushes him down and pins him while holding the tights, getting a three count.

Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

The PPV ends with Bobby Roode with his title around his shoulder, heading up the ramp. – “Your Inside Line to Pro Wrestling”

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