Jim Ross Comments On Edge Wrestling One More Match, Royal Rumble, Brodus

Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on his official website, www.jrsbarbq.com. Highlights are as follows:

The Royal Rumble Match: “I always thought more could be made, I’m looking at the mirror quite honestly on this one, of the fact that there are only 30 spots available for the Royal Rumble Match. While other attractive matches are generally booked for the PPV, nothing really compares to the Rumble match and what winning it provides the last man standing in the ring.”

Brodus Clay: “Brodus Clay maximized his minutes last week on Raw and Smackdown. I’m told that the reaction that he received on the road this week was positive. The red attire, the dancing and the ladies who accompany him are the ‘sizzle’ in Clay’s TV persona but rest assured that the super heavyweight can deliver the ‘steak’ from bell to bell which is where, over the long haul, he will make his money.”

Sunday’s WWE Tag Team Championship change: “The WWE Tag Titles changed hands at a non televised, live event this weekend in Oakland. That sent a message that “anything can occur at a WWE live event” and that the tag titles perhaps are on the cusp of becoming more meaningful.”

Edge wrestling one more match: “For Edge fans longing for Edge to have the seemingly obligatory “One More Match,” I hope that educated fans realize that medically that would be a major mistake for all involved.”

Ross also comments on Edge and The Four Horsemen entering the WWE Hall of Fame, Ole Anderson’s omission from the Hall, who may win the Royal Rumble and more. His blog can be read here.

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