WWE Talent Ordered To Not Injure Cena Before WM28

With WrestleMania 28 just weeks away, WWE is taking extra precautions to make sure the main event match that’s been almost a year in the making is not jeopardized due to an injury.

WWE has seen a slew of recent injuries to top stars, including Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Sin Cara and Wade Barrett, with several others including R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler having scary close calls.

According to a report at WrestleZone.com, WWE chairman Vince McMahon has instructed any talent that works with Cena to be very careful in the ring and not to take any “unneeded” risks.

WWE has millions of dollars at stake with the big John Cena vs. The Rock match and an injury would be absolutely devastating.

The Rock won’t be wrestling any matches between now and WrestleMania.

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