Chris Jericho Jokes About WM28 Match Order, Rock-Cena Trade Insuts

– Chris Jericho responded to a fan on Twitter this week and said the wrestler(s) he wanted to wrestle but never got a chance to were Owen Hart and Bret Hart. Jericho also joked about online reports saying his match will open WrestleMania 28, writing:

“Thats BS. Its gonna be the dark match…”

– Following The Rock’s concert on RAW, a fan asked him on Twitter about “keeping kayfabe” when Cena has not been. The fan told Rock that he’s still owning Cena, despite Rock working within the “limitations” of keeping things kayfabe. Rock replied with the following:

”Breaking kayfabe” is easy, cheap and never entertaining. Boys who are desperate do it all the time.”

John Cena replied with the following:

“Agreed @therock People should stick to the difficult stuff like mom jokes, sexuality, and making light of someones appearance. #WM28″

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