Triple H At Mayweather Fight Draws Heat, Heyman Talks Usos

– Paul Heyman wrote the following on Twitter about WWE Superstars Jimmy and Jey Uso:

“Amazing seeing @WWEusos … remember, I haven’t been around for half a decade … The last time I saw these two, they were little kids doing splashes off the top rope in the Omni before the show when I managed their Dad. Yes, that makes me old, but I recognize TALENT. @WWEusos are talented. Time for these young Samoans to eat up the competition!”

– There was a ton of discussion within WWE about Triple H accompanying Floyd Mayweather to the ring last weekend in Las Vegas.

Earlier this year, WWE Champion CM Punk was forbidden from accompanying UFC fighter Chael Sonnen to the ring when he had a fight in Chicago, so it appears a double standard was in play. Part of the reason Punk wasn’t allowed to appear at the UFC show was because WWE management was concerned nobody would acknowledge Punk as a cornerman, which would hurt his perceived star power.

Despite WWE perceiving Triple H as a bigger name than CM Punk, Triple H did not get any mainstream media attention and was overshadowed by singer Justin Beiber, who was also part of Mayweather’s crew on Saturday night.

* Pictures of Triple H Walking Floyd Mayweather to The Ring Last Weekend

(Source: Figure 4 Wrestling)

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