John Morrison Addresses Departure From WWE, Buff Bagwell Looking To Return

— John Morrison addressed his departure from WWE during an interview with Colt Cabana for The Art of Wrestling.

“I left on good terms,” he said of his parting of ways. Morrison added that management always told him that his inability to cut a strong promo held him back from achieving greater success; he admits it’s something he needs to improve on. He is now looking to reposition himself and is hopeful that he’ll be worth more upon his return to the organization.

Morrison also discussed his workout routine, parodying The Undertaker and Triple H in an online video, parkour, life outside of professional wrestling and more. The interview is available at

— Marcus “Buff” Bagwell is at home recovering after being involved in a serious car accident on April 23 while traveling near his hometown of Marietta, Georgia. The former WCW Superstar is quickly healing from the life-threatening ordeal and is eyeing a return to the squared circle.

“Buff is doing much better!” a representative of Bagwell told “He is at home and ready to work again.”



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