Charlie Sheen Talks About Wrestling Daniel Bryan At SummerSlam

RAW 1,000 Social Media Ambassador Charlie Sheen recently spoke with about his interaction with Daniel Bryan at the show and a possible match between the two at SummerSlam next month:

“Well, the numbers worked for us. Because I cancelled Twitter, I had to do that as a backup plan. It was fun. It was the deepest into that world I’d ever gone. And I guess the guy who was egging me on is a real problem. And he and I will solve that later. Print that.

“It was a promotional tool for our show [Anger Management] and I think everybody is going to win on that one. But it was exciting just to step into a different world that I didn’t ever really believe existed – and still don’t!”

When asked if he could resolve his issues with Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam on August 19th, he replied;

“Oh, there’s gonna have to be a lot of money on that one, but yeah, if it’s the right look at that moment, sure, why not?”

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