David Otunga's WWE Return, Dana White Responds To Vince's Recent Comments

– David Otunga is being advertised for WWE’s upcoming tour of Australia (8/30-9/1), which would be his first appearance since filming the WWE Studios movie “The Hive” with Halle Berry.

John Laurinaitis has also been advertised for your, but was recently removed from the list of superstars on the WWE Live Events Page. Laurinaitis serves as a producer/agent at WWE live events, so he could still appear on the tour.

– UFC President Dana White has responded to Vince McMahon’s recent comments that UFC’s ratings are “abysmal.” During an interview with Ariel Helwani, White says he likes Vince and has a good relationship with him, but Vince says things like that because of the way he is “wired.”

He added that he could say a lot of things about WWE, but doesn’t – and says he doesn’t understand why Vince would attack UFC since Vince is so adamant about saying WWE and UFC are totally different products.

* Recent Pictures of the UNDERTAKER at WWE Developmental (Direct Link)

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