WWE Raw Results (09/10/12) – Montreal, Canada

Date: September 10th

We are LIVE in: Montreal, Canada

Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

Cold open.

Justin Roberts introduces and welcomes Bret “The Hitman” Hart to Canada for the first time in fifteen year!

Bret comes out and heads down to the ring to address the fans.

Thank you! Merci!

A long standing ovation for Bret.

It took a long time to get here. He hopes everybody in Canada is listening to this. It’s a great feeling to be back in Montreal. He’s speechless. He doesn’t know what to say after 15 years. A lot happened. The last time he was here turned out to be one of the darkest days of his life, but it was also one of the proudest. And he wants to thank all the fans who supported him over the years. They’ve been in his heart for 15 years. He remembers that day, and it was the people of Montreal who helped him get through those dark days. He’ll never forget it. It was a distinct Canadian moment, and he thanks all those people who supported him for years. God bless everybody in Montreal!

WWE Champion CM Punk comes out and mocks Bret’s taunt before heading to the ring. He circles around Bret.

With all due respect Bret, everything that happened to him in the past 15 years has been addressed in that Encyclopedia of a book that addresses himself. He doesn’t have a book like that but if he did it would be called “What if”. As in what if Bret Hart had fact CM Punk at Survivor Series instead of Shawn Michaels.

Bret says it doesn’t matter because he would have put Punk in the Sharpshooter in less than a minute and bent him like a pretzel.

He knows that’s not true. He’s gonna tell him exactly what would happen. The WWE they know would not exist. CM Punk vs. Bret Hart? That’s easy, he’s the best in the world. He doesn’t need Vince to screw anybody. He would have beaten him causing a chain reaction where nobody would be here today. Because Vince wouldn’t have screwed Bret, the Attitude Era wouldn’t have been born, and he would have jumped ship to WCW leaving the WWE dead.

He would have jumped to WCW? He’s underestimated Punk’s brilliance. He says he’s the best in the world? Well he’s the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

It absolutely kills him that he still refers to himself as that. He can call himself the king of England, or the king of Memphis, but that doesn’t make it true, right Jerry? How you feeling this week, Jerry? No hard feelings, right?

Bret doesn’t know what his story is with Lawler. He and Lawler go back. He can say one thing though. Lawler always showed up. He never walked out like a coward. Best in the world? Last week he left Lawler out cold backstage and then walked out on Sheamus. Let’s go to the tron and see what the best in the world did.

A video plays of Punk ambushing John Cena during his match with Alberto Del Rio before driving off with Paul Heyman.

Well, what can he say? He was in his hometown. A town that treats champions respectfully, and he was in a hurry to enjoy his much deserved day off. He forget some things, went back, and saw John. Speaking of Cena, where is he right now? In the back? Does he have eyes on this? Does John have his back? He didn’t like the lesson he taught Jerry Lawler. Did Bret make him his white knight?

Bret says he wanted to come out and talk to the fans first. He wanted to give the respect-

RESPECT?! RESPECT?! He doesn’t know the meaning of the word respect. He’s been WWE Champion longer than Bret ever was, and he will defeat Cena at Night of Champions and continue on his journey to be the best WWE Champion of all time. Did he hear them? That ovation he got from the fans? That’s the reaction he deserves from every city he goes to. But Bret is like Cena. He’s over hyped and overrated. At Night of Champion he’s putting Cena to sleep.

Just like he’s putting all these fans to sleep right now.

“Boring” chants.

No. At Night of Champions he’s gonna turn Cena into a beaten, broken down, empty shell of a man…just like he is.

Punk drops the mic and exits the ring. He holds up the Championship and screams “BEST IN THE WORLD” as he heads to the back.

Later tonight, Bret Hart interviews John Cena.


Vote for Punk’s opponent tonight on Twitter. Will it be Brodus Clay, Jerry Lawler, or Randy Orton?

The Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston come out and head to the ring for a tag team “all champions” match.

Their opponent, Intercontinental Champion The Miz, comes out and heads to the ring.

His partner, United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, comes out next.

Aksana says Antonio will now say a word that best describes him in five different language. The word is “Prestige”.

Yes, he, Antonio Cesaro, personifies prestige.

[Match #1]
[Tag Team Match]
[Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. The Miz & Antonio Cesaro]

Bell sounds. Miz and Kofi start off. Kingston gets behind Miz and applies a side headlock. Miz shoves him into the ropes, Kofi ducks and hits Miz with a leapfrog for a one count. Tag to Truth. Kingston and Truth hit a double Russian leg sweep followed by an elbow/knee drop combo. Cesaro enters the ring and gets scoop slammed by Kingston. He and Miz slide out of the ring. Truth bends down and Kingston jumps off his back for a suicide dive on both of them.


Cesaro has Truth in a headlock. Truth fights out of it, but Cesaro with a European uppercut. Tag to Miz. Miz bounces off the ropes and drives a knee into the back of Truth for a two count. Miz picks Truth up and shoves him into the corner. He lands a few punches and stops to taunts the fans. He runs over ot Truth and connects with a running clothesline. Miz climbs to the top and waits for Truth to get up. Miz jumps and hits a double axe handle for one. Miz gets on Truth and applies a chin lock submission. Truth gets up and punches Miz off, but Miz with a knee to the gut. He runs the ropes and Truth hits a dropkick. Truth and Miz go to their partners. Tags made! Kingston with a springboard clothesline to Cesaro followed by a dropkick. Kingston knocks Cesaro down, runs the ropes and hits the Boom Drop. Kingston sets up for Trouble in Paradise, but he stops and kicks Miz off the apron. The distraction allows Cesaro to punches Kingston into the turnbuckle. Kingston kicks him back and hits a cross body that gets interrupted by Miz. Truth knocks Miz out of the ring, and Cesaro tosses Truth out. Kingston attacks Cesaro and Cesaro gets a roll up for two. Kingston retaliates with Trouble In Paradise for the three count!

[Winners via Pinfall: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth]
[Time: 08:07]

A video plays of Del Rio attacking Sheamus after his match with Swagger. Swagger goes to hit Del Rio with the Brogue Kick but he hits Ricardo by accident. Ricardo “allegedly” has neck and head injuries which, with David Otunga’s help, lead to Booker T banning Sheamus’ kick last week on Smackdown.

Backstage, World Champion Sheamus is talking with Bret. We’re not able to hear what they’re saying.


Earlier today there was a court ordered deposition at WWE Headquarters.

Sheamus is sworn in.

He’d be happy to swear-

Not that kind of swear.

Otunga tells Sheamus to give his full name.


His full name.

Lipschitz. His dad was Jewish. The best thing about that was being able to fight and feel guilty afterwards. You know, if your Lipschitz…what does your ass do?

Otunga says this is serious! September 3rd, does he recall it?


He used a maneuver referred to as The Brogue Kick.

Si, Senor.

Let the record state that he mocked his client. Did he or did he not Brogue Kick his client?

He did. And he’d happily do it again.

How long has he been using the Brogue Kick?

A couple years.

Does Chad Patton ring a bell?

Yeah, he’s a referee.

He’s a man that Sheamus attacked on April 6th of this year. Does he know Daniel Bryan?

Goat face, yeah.

Isn’t it true that-


Isn’t it-


…isn’t it truth that at WrestleMania he waited until his opponent’s back was turned to hit a Brogue Kick?

Correction. The bell rang, he waited for Bryan to turn around, and then he hit him with a Brogue Kick. It lasted 18 seconds. It was great.

Is he aware of the chronic back pain Patton has had?

Sheamus’ lawyer says his questions are bordering on absurd!

Is he aware that the Brogue Kick is a dangerous lethal weapon that demonstrates that he’s a violent hooligan?!

Sheamus says The Brogue Kick doesn’t have anything against anybody. It can be used on anyone. Especially coffee sipping weasels.

Sheamus stands up and suddenly kicks the camera. The camera goes to static.

Let’s dance!

Sheamus starts dancing to “Hava Nagila”

Later tonight, Sheamus and David Otunga will face off.


A six diva tag match is up next. Layla, Eve, and Kaitlyn head down to the ring as one team.

Their opponents, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Alicia Fox, come out together.

[Match #2]
[Six Diva Tag Match]
[Layla, Eve, and Kaitlyn]

Kaitlyn and Beth start off. Kaitlyn gets behind Beth and Beth presses her against the turnbuckle. Kaitlyn counters and drives a shoulder into her. Whip, counter and Kaitlyn with a spear followed by a running shoulder tackle. Uppercut to Beth. Natalya grabs Kaitlyn by the head and tags in. Natalya and Beth slam her down together for a two count. Natalya with a clothesline to Kaitlyn. She presses a foot on her chest for one. Tag to Fox. Fox kicks Kaitlyn and hits a northern lights suplex for two. He has her against the turnbuckle and goes for a boot to the face, but Kaitlyn avoids it and tags Layla. Layla with a face buster to Fox followed by a cross body for two. Whip, counter, and Layla with a kick to the head. Eve tags herself in and hits Fox with a swinging neck breaker for three.

[Winners via Pinfall: Layla, Eve, and Kaitlyn]
[Time: 02:26]

Eve celebrates and hugs Layla and Kaitlyn.

Backstage, General Manager AJ Lee is watching the monitor. Punk goes up to her.

It’s come to his attention that Cena doesn’t have a match, but he does. That’s fair right? She’s impartial? And to top it up he doesn’t know who his opponent is but the fans choose? Is she still mad at him, or did that episode she have last week still upset her?

It could be worse. She could have him face Sheamus. But he’s right. A champion vs. champion match should fill the spotlight. But since he walked out on the fans last week, the fans are going to choose his fate this week. Good luck.

AJ leaves. Punk turns around and walks into Brodus Clay.


Punk backs away from Clay. Clay smiles.

Clay is one of the options. You can vote for him, Lawler, or Orton!


CM Punk comes out and heads to the ring for his match.

Cole introduces Punk’s opponent as chosen by the WWE Universe.

And Punk’s opponent is…RANDY ORTON!

Orton comes out and heads to the ring.

[Match #3]
[Singles Match]
[CM Punk vs. Randy Orton]

Bell sounds. Side headlock to Orton. Punk goes off the ropes and shoulder tackles Orton. They grapple again. Side headlock to Orton again. Shove into the ropes and another shoulder tackle. Off the ropes and Orton with a hip toss. Punk tells the ref to back Orton off. They grapple again. Side headlock to Punk. Punk presses Orton against the turnbuckle and drives a his knee into him a few times. Orton is down on the mat and Punk presses his foot against him. Punk picks Orton up and hits a back breaker for one. Punk applies a sleeper hold submission. Orton gets up and Punk with knee strikes that send Orton down. The sleeper is still applied as Orton gets up. Orton with a headbutt to break the hold. Whip into the turnbuckle Punk slips behind Orton and Orton goes for the RKO but Punk drops down and slides out of the ring. He looks over at Orton, then turns and walks away. Orton exits the ring and runs after him. He punches Punk in the head a few times and tosses him into the barricade. He tosses Punk back in the ring, but Punk is able to clip Orton’s leg causing him to fall on the apron awkwardly. Punk watches Orton lying on the outside.


Punk has Orton in an abdominal stretch submission, but Orton is able to hip toss him down. Orton goes for a knee drop, but Punk rolls out of the way and Orton hits the mat. Punk kicks Orton while he’s down, then jumps up to the middle turnbuckle pad to deliver an elbow for two. Punk picks Orton up and scoop slams him. He drops an elbow and gets a two count. Punk climbs to the top and waits for Orton to get up. Orton hits the ropes and Punk falls on the turnbuckle pad. Orton with strikes to the head. He climbs up with Punk and hits a superplex for two. Orton and Punk get up. They trade punches while on their knees. Orton with the advantage. He goes off the top and Punk with a kick to the gut. Off the ropes and Orton with two clotheslines. He goes for a powerslam but Punk grabs the ropes. Punk runs forward and Orton with a back body drop. Punk gets on the apron. Orton goes for a DDT, but Punk with a kick to the head and a springboard clothesline for two. Punk signals for the GTS. He lifts Orton up, but Orton with an elbow. He goes for RKO, but Punk shoves him away. Orton comes back and grabs Punk with a neckbreaker for two. Orton puts Punk on the apron and hits the DDT off the ropes. Orton goes for RKO once more, but Dolph Ziggler gets in the ring and attacks Orton from behind. Orton clotheslines Punk out of the ring and Dolph and Orton duke it out causing Punk to be disqualified.

Winners via Disqualification: Randy Orton
Time: 14:32

Orton with a neckbreaker to Dolph and a powerslam to a returning Punk. He goes for RKO again, but Ziggler attacks Orton from behind again. Punk and Ziggler team up on Orton until Jerry Lawler gets up from commentary and attacks Ziggler and Punk. Orton recovers and beats up on Ziggler on the outside while Lawler hits Punk with punches to the head.


An impromptu tag match has been made during the commercial break. Orton and Lawler against Ziggler and Punk.

[Match #4]
[Tag Team Match]
[Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler vs CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler]

Ziggler with a neckbreaker to Orton.He picks Orton up and Orton with a knock down. He stomps on Ziggler’s limbs and picks him up for a springboard suplex. Tag to Lawler. Lawler punches him down, climbs to the second rope and hits two fists off the top for a two count. Lawler picks Ziggler up and Ziggler with a dropkick. Ziggler with a jumping elbow to the chest for two. Ziggler applies a headlock submission. Lawler gets up and Ziggler with a kick followed by a clothesline. Ziggler presses his foot against Lawler’s face. Ziggler grabs Lawler’s arm and mocks him to tag Orton in, but he instead strikes him in the head and playfully shoves him down. Ziggler walks struts around Lawler before dropping an elbow for two. Ziggler with another headlock submission. Lawler gets to his feet and hits Ziggler with a back suplex. Lawler gets to Orton and Orton tags in. Orton with two clothesline to Ziggler followed by a powerslam. He places Ziggler on the apron and goes for the DDT, but Ziggler back body drops Orton to the outside.

Paul Heyman comes out and walks down to the ring. He walks over to Punk and says something to him. Vickie Guerrero goes over to them and shouts “EXCUSE ME” at them. They look at her and Punk says “excuse me” before going back to Heyman. She screams and Punk says something to Heyman. Heyman grabs the championship and hands it to Punk. Punk asks him if there are any good restaurants in Montreal. Meanwhile, Ziggler is beating up Orton. He dropkicks Orton down and goes for a roll up but only gets two. Orton suddenly hits the RKO and gets the three count while Punk is oblivious to the match.

Winners via Pinfall: Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler
Time: 06:10

Punk and Heyman walk back up the ramp and talk to each other while Orton and Lawler watch them leave with confusion written all over their face.

Still to come, Bret Hart interviews John Cena.


Punk and Heyman are backstage talking. Matt Striker asks them what the nature of their relationship is.

Heyman looks at Punk.

Punk says he’s a Paul Heyman guy.

Punk and Heyman walk away.

A recap of last week on Raw when Daniel Bryan and Kane “hugged it out” in the ring.

Kane is backstage in an office. Daniel Bryan is with him.


Well what?

He was told that Kane had something to say to him.

Kane was told that Bryan had something to say to him.


They turn to someone off camera.

Kane says that he has a lot of nerve showing his face around here. Out of all the monsters he’s faced, he’s the most sick, twisted and evil.

The camera pans out. It’s their anger management therapist.

Well thank you for that.

AJ goes over to them.

She says she invited him down to help them out with their anger. He has an idea to help them.

He says his idea will either resolve their anger or send them into a spiraling abyss. The key is for them to trust each other.

Bryan and Kane look at each other.


Heath Slater is in the ring with a mic.

Last week, Zack Ryder did something he has never done with a lady. He got lucky! Oooh yeah, Zack, he’s been talking a lot this week. He wants his rematch right now!

Ryder is on the tron.

He says he’s not facing him tonight. It’s not Ryder, but it’s close enough.

Ryback comes out and heads to the ring as Slater’s opponent.

[Match #5]
[Singles Match]
[Ryback vs. Heath Slater]

Bell sounds. Slater with a side headlock and Ryback shoves him out of the ring. Slater goes off the ropes and Ryback bumps him down. Slater throws a punch and Ryback barely reacts to it. Ryback goes for a punch of his own but Slater catches him with a neck breaker for one. Slater with kicks to the back, but it only makes his angry. Slater grabs and hits a DDT for one. Slater gets up and taunts the crowd, but gets a running clothesline for his efforts. Ryback hits a spine buster, then turns it into a powerbomb. Ryback lifts Slater up and hits shellshock for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Ryback]
[Time: 02:15]

Backstage, the Prime Time Players are called into AJ’s office.

Titus wants to know what she wants.

Darren says she’s got some extra bucks waiting for them.

Or maybe she wants to congratulate them early for their upcoming victory at Night of Champions.

Actually, it turns out they’re not the number one contenders.

What is she talking about? They beat Primo & Epico and The Usos last week.

Actually, they’re not because they haven’t beaten a team yet.

What team?

Kane & Daniel Bryan.

She’s crazy!

The PTP walk away from AJ.


Daniel Bryan comes out and heads to the ring for a tag match.

His partner, Kane, comes out and heads into the ring.

Their opponents, the Prime Time Players, comes out next.

[Match #6]
[Tag Team #1 Contendership Match]
[Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. The Prime Time Players]

Bell sounds. Kane and Titus start off. Kane with a clothesline to Titus. He kicks and punches O’Neil against the turnbuckle. Kane with a harsh tag to Bryan. Bryan enters the ring and kciks Titus against the corner. Bryan whips Titus into the ropes. Bryan rolls over and Darren tags in. Darren with a clothesline to Bryan for two. Darren tags back in Titus. Whip and Titus and Darren double shoulder tackle for two. Titus scoop slams Bryan down. Titus bring Bryan into his corner and distracts the ref while Darren gets a free shot in. Tag to Darren. Darren with a northern lights suplex for two. A headlock submission is applied. Bryan goes off the ropes and Darren knocks him down. Titus enters the ring and suplexes Darren onto Bryan. Titus chokes Bryan against the ropes. Bryan fights back with kicks to the side and Titus with a backbreaker for two. Titus stomps on Bryan and applies a headlock submission. Tag to Darren. Darren with knees to the gut, but Bryan fights back with European uppercuts until Darren counters with a snapmare into a headlock submission. Darren with a knee drop and he continues the submission. Bryan gets up and hits Darren with a suplex. Kane asks for the tag, but Bryan refuses and climbs to the top. He goes for a diving headbutt, but Darren rolls out of the way and Bryan hits the mat.

Darren covers and gets a two count. Another headlock submission hold to Bryan. Bryan gets to his feet and drives elbows into Darren. Off the ropes and Bryan with a flying forearm. Kane asks for the tag again, but Bryan refuses again. Kicks to the check of Darren. Kane tags himself in and punches Titus off the ropes. Kane with two turnbuckle clotheslines to Darren followed by a sidewalk slam for two. Kane climbs to the top and hits a clothesline. He goes for the chokeslam and hits it. Titus runs into the ring and Kane sends him over the top. Bryan tags himself in. Kane looks at him and Bryan smirks. He goes Darren, but Kane grabs Bryan and chokeslams him onto Darren for the three count!

[Winners via pinfall: Kane & Daniel Bryan]
[Time: 08:32]

Kane and Bryan are now the new number one contenders for the tag titles. They’ll face Kingston & R-Truth at Night of Champions. Kane looks down at his partner and Bryan looks shocked that they won.

A clip of Punk and Bret from earlier tonight plays.

Later tonight, Bret Hart interviews John Cena.


Justin Long introduces Ricardo Rodriguez who comes out in a neck break.

Ricardo introduces Alberto Del Rio to the ring.

Del Rio comes out in a 2010 Bently GTC Convertible. He heads to the ring with Ricardo for his match.

His opponent, Tyson Kidd, heads to the ring.

[Match #7]
[Singles Match]
[Alberto Del Rio vs. Tyson Kidd]

Del Rio kicks Tyson down and stomps on him a few times. He goes off the ropes and Tyson with a spin kick. Tyson goes for his sharpshooter submission but Del Rio pushes him off and hits a spinning backbreaker. Del Rio drives a knee into Tyson’s back and applies a chin lock submission. Tyson gets up and Del Rio headbutts him off. He goes for a dropkick but Tyson moves and Del Rio slides out of the ring. Tyson with a dropkick to Del Rio. He gets Del Rio in the ring and Del Rio with a knockdown to Tyson. Del Rio grabs Tyson’s legs, but Tyson counters it into the sharpshooter submission. Del Rio goes for the ropes but Tyson pulls him away. Eventually Del Rio manages to grab the ropes. Tyson goes for a legdrop, but Del Rio moves out of the way. Del Rio grabs Tyson’s arm and snaps it back. He then applies the cross arm breaker submission and Tyson taps.

[Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio]
[Time: 02:35]

Del Rio asks for a mic.

SHEAMUS! Is he watching this? He just destroyed this Canadian peasant. That is nothing compared to what he will do to him at Night of Champions. He lost the Brogue Kick. And now he’s going to lose the Heavyweight Title.

Cole says that earlier Jerry Lawler passed out and had to be taken to the back. CPR is being performed on him right now. This is not part of the show.

I repeat, Jerry Lawler passed out and is receiving real medical attention. More information will be given as soon as they hear anything.


Sheamus comes out and heads down to the ring for a match. There is no commentary at all.

His opponent, David Otunga, comes out next.

[Match #8]
[Singles Match]
[Sheamus vs. David Otunga]

Bell sounds. Otunga attacks Sheamus at the corner. He presses his foot against Sheamus’ neck. Otunga slaps Sheamus around a bit, but Sheamus with a forearm shot followed by knees to the back until the ref stops him. Sheamus has him at the apron and he attacks with clubbing blows to the chest. Sheamus puts him back in the ring and hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker. He then applies the Texas Cloverleaf submission and Otunga taps out.

[Winner via Submission: Sheamus]
[Time: 1:14]

Sheamus goes to leave, but stops and heads back into the ring. The fans are asking for the Brogue Kick. He sets up for it, and nails Otunga with it as soon as he gets up. AJ Lee comes out on stage.

Sheamus, he clearly went against authority so she has no-

Smackdown General Manager Booker T comes out.

AJ, he doesn’t know what she was going to say, but this is World Heavyweight Championship business, so let him handle it. Sheamus knows he shouldn’t be using that kick in light of his internal investigation. He leaves him no choice. If he chooses to use the Brogue Kick whenever, wherever, and against anyone before his investigation ends he will be stripped for the World Heavyweight Championship. And that is final!

Backstage, Rey Mysterio and Bret Hart are talking to each other. Still no commentary.


A clip plays of earlier tonight when Daniel Bryan and Kane beat the Prime Time Players to win number one contendership for the tag titles.

A Tout from R-Truth and Kingston gives their reaction to the match.

Backstage, Bryan goes to the therapist.

What the hell? He could have been seriously hurt.

What’s the big deal? They won.

Guys, what matters is that they worked together.

Bryan says he guesses he can like the team of Daniel Bryan and Kane.

He means Kane and Daniel Bryan.

No…he means Daniel Bryan and Kane.

How about Kane and the eviscerated corpse of Daniel Bryan!

GUYS! How about we call it “Team Friendship”?


They argue with each other.

Cole says that Lawler is being taken to a hospital. He’s receiving oxygen and Lawler is breathing on his own, but this is still a serious situation and he gives his best wishes to Lawler. In honor of Jerry, there will be no more commentary for the rest of the night until there is further information on Lawler’s condition.

Rey Mysterio comes out and heads to the ring for a match.


Cody Rhodes comes out as his opponent.

[Match #9]
[Singles Match]
[Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio]

Bell sounds. Cody gets behind Rey and shoves him into the ropes. Cody leapfrogs over Rey and Rey gets a kick in. Rey whips Cody into the ropes and Cody with a drop down chop to the throat. Cody drives a knee into Rey a couple times and then hits a running knee to the head for two. Cody punches Rey down. Rhodes with a forward suplex. He drives an elbow into Rey. Rey retaliates with a few times. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes but Rey kicks him off and sends him over the top rope. Rey gets on the apron and hits Cody with a hurricarana on the outside. Rey tosses Cody back in the ring and springboards. Cody catches him and hits a springboard dropkick for two. Cody yells at the ref that it was three while stomping on Rey. Cody waits for Rey to get up. He runs and Rey moves causing Cody to hit the turnbuckle post shoulder first. Rey bounces off the ropes and hits a running head scissors followed by a bulldog for two. He delivers a spin kick to Cody for two again. Rey gets to the top and hits a west coast pop. Cody manages to get up and kick Rey in the gut. He lifts him up but Rey counters with a dropkick that sends Cody into the ropes. He goes for 619, but Miz runs down to the ring and distracts Rey long enough for Cody to hit Cross Rhodes for the three count.

Winner via Pinfall: Cody Rhodes
Time: 04:39

Miz gets in the ring to attack Rey. Cody grabs Miz from behind and hits him with Cross Rhodes as well. Cody grabs Miz’s Intercontinental Championship and holds it up before leaving.

Backstage, John Cena is heading to the ring for his interview.


Cole with another update on Jerry. He’s in isolated ER and is responding to light. He’s undergoing a catscan right now and is fighting hard. Hopefully there is an update before they go off the air.


Bret Hart comes out and heads into the ring.

He wants to welcome to the ring the man who will face Punk for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions…JOHN CENA!

Cena comes out and heads to the ring. He shakes Bret’s hand.

Bret…first thing’s first, thanks for the opportunity for the interview.

He just wants to ask him. This whole feud thing he’s got with Punk. It reminds him of the same problems he had with Shawn. Once upon a time they were mutual friends and had respect for one another, but soon they had a feud about winning the championship that almost destroyed their lives. When he looks at John he sees a lot of himself. And when he sees Punk he sees a lot of the old Shawn Michaels. What does he think about that?

For of all, thanks for even mentioning him in the same sentence as Bret and Shawn. He has a lot of work to do to earn that accolade. Punk has work to do as well. But the difference between HBK and Punk are obvious. Michaels never portayed something he wasn’t. Punk says he’s a man of the people, but all he’s been is an insecure dude who has to say how good he is. Shawn had respect because he stood for something. These people have respect for Bret because he stood for something. Punk is a delusional man who thinking holding gold by any means qualifies for respect.

So what is Cena gonna do to shut this phony little punk up?

Phony? Phony?

CM Punk steps out.

Did Bret call him a phony?

Yes, he called him a phony. Does that make him want to do something about it? Maybe get in the ring? In that case he’s calling him a phony as well. There’s a ring that separates him from the worst decision in his life.

Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black then he doesn’t know what is. Cena pointing fingers and judging the champion. He doesn’t need his permission. He can do whatever he wants, and he has decided to come out and defend himself against such disrespect.

He heads into the ring.

It almost breaks his heart to see them in the ring together. It makes him think that Bret and Cena are so much alike, and that’s not a compliment. Those two can pat each other on the back and talk about how both of them were the top guy, but not mention that they were both surpassed by somebody far superior than themselves. John, in his instance, he is speaking of himself. And Bret, in his case he’s talking about Shawn Michaels. By the way, you can’t draw a line of comparison between him and Shawn new or old because he’s better than Shawn. Hey “hitman”, remember that hillbilly he made pass out to the sharpshoot at WrestleMania 13? Stone Cold? He’s better than him too. And he’s better than The Rock. They all knew. And they all saw what he did to him when he showed one bit of disrespect. He did in one night what John couldn’t do in a calendar year. He is the best wrestler, talker, technician, brawler, and he doesn’t say these things from a place of insecurity, but he says it because he IS it! And that makes him anything but a phony.

Cena says he’s right. That last statement makes him a liar and a scumbag. Congrats! He can add that to his resume. Montreal is a very honest city. For years WWE has referred to this place as “Bizarro World”, but quite frankly they’re honest. Tonight he’s going to take a lesson from then and give Punk a dose of truth. For 300 days he’s been champion and for 300 days that title has been irrelevent. He’s watched main event after main event pass him by and he thinks there’s some conspiracy, but the fact is that there is no “you”. He’s been here for many years and the night he made the most noise was when he turned silent. He remembers those days. So passionate! And in one triumpant night when Punk won and the fans got change, they were lied to. They were fooled into falsehood. All Punk wanted was to be a star. He doesn’t even know who CM Punk is. Cena went from an underdog to an odd on favorite, but he did it as him. All the wins and losses, the embarrassments, he had to stand on his own two feet as himself. Then there’s Punk. He’s changed his ideology numerous times. He stabs people in the back. He wears other people’s colors. He stole Randy Savage’s elbow. All because he has yet to find “you”. He thinks that just because he has a title he has respect. But it doesn’t. He has no identity. At Night of Champions he needs to look for an identity because he is in serious jeopardy of losing the title. He didn’t want to do this, but he owes one to Montreal.

Cena starts speaking in French.

Which means-

Which means he has lowered himself to their level. To speak their language? To speak the language of the locals? He has lowered himself-

LISTEN UP! He hasn’t lowered himself. Punk’s an ignorant son of a bitch. What he said was ‘you say you’re going to win at Night of Champions, but i’m just going to kick your ass’.

Punk and Cena stare each other down.

Punk goes to sucker punch Bret, but Cena blocks his punch. Cena takes off his shirt and looks ready to fight. Punk tries to hit Bret again, but Bret blocks it and punches Punk. Punk rolls out of the ring and retreats while Cena raises Bret’s arm up. Punk looks at his title and clings tightly to it as he heads up the ramp.

Cole gives another update. They’re being told that Jerry’s condition has stabilized. He’s breathing on his own and his heart is beating on its own. He’s being prepared for a catscan of his chest and head. You can find out more information on Jerry by going to WWE.com

And on that positive note, the show comes to an end.

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