Man Accused Of "Scamming" Kurt Angle Releases Statement

Wafiullah Wahidi, the man who Kurt Angle has been ranting about on Twitter for allegedly scamming him out of thousands of dollars, issued the following statement over the weekend regarding Angle’s accusations:

“I was approached by Kurt Angle to be part of a MMO RPG game that was being developed and completed according to original scope of work with the producers of a movie he was part of.

During that time, I approached Kurt Angle with an idea of a fitness application that would help people reach their fitness and lifestyle goals. At the idea Mr. Angle was very excited and agreed to move forward with the project.

However after the first couple of payments, I was instructed by Mr. Angle to use that money toward the MMO RPG Game being developed and I did as he had requested. At the time I made clear to Mr. Angle that allocation of those funds would take away from the fitness apps. After constant changes to the MMO RPG and no further monetary or resource support from the team involved provided, I decided to terminate that project and count my losses.

Mr. Angle was really sympathetic and agreed with me numerous times that I was put in an unfair situation. Still Mr. Angle and myself agreed to continue with the Fitness Application with no further resources provided. We tried our best but we needed fitness advice, nutrition advice, and other resources that would make the application a success. We were given that information August of 2012 and still it was not sufficient enough.

Please bear in mind that during this time while we were designing and developing this application virtually for free, Mr. Angle and his wife were consistently accusing me of scamming them and each time, I gave Mr. Angle the option to back out of the project as I was starting to feel the pressure and trust was no longer there.

After many calls from a Hysterical Mrs. Angle and barrage of verbal threats one of Mr. Angle’s associates got involved. With his involvement we had the ball rolling.

I advised his associate that after a year, this project was starting to cost me a lot of money and my resources were tied. He agreed that he would send another 1200.00 to cover final development costs, but Mr. Angle did not send those funds for four weeks, at which point the damage was too high to my staff and our business.

Even then we were able to complete the application with minor work needed to be completed, when the day before I was supposed to present the app, I got dozens of twitter messages, emails, calls, and voicemails from a hysterical Mr. and Mrs. Angle. I was called a terrorist, a thief, and a scam artist.

At that point I made a business decision, that I would no longer work with Mr. Angle. I advised that I would pay money owed (if any) after deducting all work done and time spent on the application to Mr. Angle.

After about five days I got another series of hysterical tweets and threats and the twitter attacks began. For anyone who wants to know the truth and see how I have dealt with other (PAYING) customers feel free to contact me at and you can talk to the clients directly.

I have had a lot of respect for Mr. Angle and I remember as a kid watching him on WWE. It took me by surprise that an American Hero like himself would stoop so low to defame and slander someone publicly. As for Mr. Angle so called lawsuit, the WaBa Social legal team has reviewed everything and we are ready to protect our good name and values against all. Secondly our legal team is in the process of filing suit against Mr. Angle for Defamation of Character and Slander.


Wafiullah Wahidi
WaBa Social Inc.
1830 Blake Street
Denver, Colorado 8020″

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