Developmental Wrestler Announces His Departure From WWE

Lucas Di Léo, a French wrestler WWE signed to a developmental contract earlier this year, announced on Facebook Thursday that he has parted ways with the sports-entertainment organization after requesting his contract release.

Di Léo, who appeared as Louis Fontaine for developmental league NXT, said he felt out of place in the company and wanted out. He is scheduled to undergo surgery on his shoulder in the coming days and didn’t want WWE to foot the bill after having his mind already made up.

Di Léo also notes that he no plans to join TNA Wrestling. Here is a rough translation of his announcement: “Well, what I write will require a bit of open-mindedness and intelligence. From these facts, I think everyone will not be able to understand … I say that because in my previous post I pointed out that I was going to give more details in a few times etc etc and in private messages that I ‘I received, there was almost all the time the same thing: “Why?’

“So my turn … Why do not you know to be patient? Why do not you read it right? Why do you think we accountable?

“I say this without any animosity, just human to human … I always tried to be relatively close to the people who contact me, either for advice or simply encouragement, but sometimes …

“Anyway, to end rumors that may arise, I have not been fired from the WWE (WWE does not return the injured people) and I’m not going to TNA (…) …

“I asked to be released from my contract simply because I felt out of place here … It’s not a matter of level or anything, just a matter of honesty. I felt that I still had things to do before I get into this great machine that is the WWE. When I was active in a corner of my head, but from the moment I had to sit, I was working … The fact is that, frankly, I consider that it is not the time for me to be part of the WWE.

“Which was “hasty” decision is that I had to have surgery in a few days. From here there was a dilemma: take the transaction costs of the WWE and ask to be released after my rehabilitation or be a man and tell them what I thought before they invest money for me.
I chose the second option. I decided to leave now because I did not want the WWE pays money for me while in my heart I wanted to leave to explore other horizons.

“Separation was done in very good words, I learned a lot during my months alongside team coaches NXT and I met some very good people!

“I have no bitterness, I left a happy man, taking care not to slam the door behind me. I hope I have satisfied your curiosity …

“And for questions like, “it goes back to the ICWA? “… I have never left the ICWA.

“Whether I catch this or that French structure, I NXT main event, Raw Smackdown, I am in Mexico, North Pole, Japan, under water, in the snow or whatever, I am part of the ICWA.”

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